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Love is beautiful, light and safe.

Love is without judgement.

Love never runs out.

Love does not hurt.

Love is acceptance.

Love is forgiveness.

Love brings peace and happiness.

Love cannot break you or your heart.

Love is recognising another soul and cherishing them.

Love is available to all and multiplies when we practice it towards others.


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There’s a reason why a lot of people choose a word for a year rather than a resolution, we all know how powerful language can be. The things people say to us or that we say to ourselves can lift us up or tear us down. The chakra cards I work with each have a single word related to them and it’s that word that really inspires me to think and meditate. Back in 2013 I chose a word for each month, a reminder to act upon and think about.

Our The Works store in town recently got these wooden plaques in, a pack of 5 for £1 and I couldn’t resist. I knew as soon as I saw them that I wanted to put on them simple, plain but powerful words for me and to hang them from the string of heart lights I have over my desk/studio space. So which words did I feel were most powerful for me at this time?

wooden plaques

Love to remind me to love myself and accept love into my life with a grateful heart.

Dream to remind me not to give up on my dreams no matter how many times I have to rethink, change or replan what I’m doing.

Inspire to remind me not only to look for my own inspiration but also to inspire others if I can.

Create to remind me to ‘turn up at the page’ and create in any way I need to.

Believe to remind me not to give up on all the things I believe in, myself included.

wooden plaques knotwork

I chose a colour for each one and a embroidery floss to match using a sequence of nine knots for each charm to hang it from.


I love how they turned out, very simple but just right for above my desk. The move and turn themselves around on different days. I like to take that as a sign that I need to focus more on that aspect when they do that.

What five words would you choose as your power words and why?

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