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It took me a while to get back on track but continuing on from my Oracle Card project started earlier in the year I have finished all of the earth cards now. The second one is MOUNTAIN.

Oracle Card Mountain

Keywords: Challenge, secrets, reward, difficulty, personal discovery, appreciation.

Thoughts: The MOUNTAIN stands tall and proud, connecting the rich earth and moving sky while keeping it’s own secrets close and hidden to share only with those who prove themselves worthy. To climb the MOUNTAIN or conquer the depths of it’s bowels is no easy task but MOUNTAIN grants great reward to those willing to try. There will be challenges but the view at the end and the payoff of self discovery will be worth it.


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The backgrounds for the spirit suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the water suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the fire suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the air suit of my oracle cards project:

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I have been working in my spiritual journal a lot over the last few months and while doing so I became very inspired to create my own deck of oracle cards based on the five elements. They are going to be painted intuitively in watercolour, gouache and ink with five suits and five cards within each suit. I have no idea what the pictures will be for them; I want them to grow organically as I work, starting with laying down backgrounds for each suit. First we have the earth backgrounds:

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 I have found, over the years, that many of us that choose to follow a pagan or more unusual spiritual path do so because we have natural access to one or more psychic gifts. I have always been able to sense things that others could not, both as an empath and in the realm of energy, colour, guides and other beings.

I don’t speak about this often because it’s personal and really no-one else’s business. It’s not something to brag about it’s just who I am and where I am at this point in my life. Sometimes such admissions are met with ridicule or outright hate from others and I don’t want to invite that kind of negativity into my life from people either online and offline. But then if no-one talks about them at any point for fear of prejudice we stay isolated and alone, something that I feel psychic gifts are trying to remedy by encouraging us to connect with others on an energetic/soul level.

I used to just feel and/or sense things but as I’ve gotten older and really settled into the evolution of my journey I’ve noticed my gifts have changed in different ways as well. Around seven years ago I started having, sporadically I might add, what I call ‘true visions’. Most of the time they happen in the day and I go into a day dream like state, much as I always have done, only rather than gain comfort and rest with my guides during this time I have begun to see things and be told things that eventually come true.

I thought I’d lost the ability when my depression flared up a couple of years back and while I still had and listened to my intuition my third eye stopped buzzing and I didn’t feel the call to trance like work… until this year.

2015 has been a huge year of change and transformation across the board. My third eye began buzzing again, so much so that I had to retrain myself to close it down and shield my aura when it became too much. I started having ‘true visions’ again, not many and always concerning something in my life rather than bigger picture stuff but they happened. I didn’t want to trust them for a while, I was doubtful of their truth and concerned that it was my ego projecting wishes into my mind. That was until they started coming true last week.

It’s restored some of my faith in myself, not just seeing the truth in them but feeling the comforting touch of my guardian angel reassuring me when they do come true. They’re not big things but they are blessings, reminders that I am far more powerful than I give myself credit for; that we all are both as individuals and part of the human race.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t shut down these thoughts and feelings when you get them. Believe in the guidance you’re receiving if it feels right and see where it takes you.

What are your gifts? Be proud of them! You don’t have to shout them from the rooftops but be aware of them, you have them for a reason. Have you noticed a change in them this year in particular? Are they changing, evolving and growing with you? Do you see them as a blessing or a curse?

I like to think that the things we are gifted with like this, while they may not be considered normal, are incredibly special. They open our energy to the Universe, they connect us with all that is and they help us to look at things from outside of the box.

Recognise your gifts, be grateful for them, listen to them and they will show you the way.

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