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blue abstract 4.5.1018

Blue bubbles, waves and motion. This play page became very… watery. I love the feeling of motion it evokes in me. Ink and watercolour abstract sketch.


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These designs are perfect for card designs. I love the smaller pink/purple one in particular and they way the unplanned doodles have become frames to be filled – yet more windows in a sense.

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Another winow-esque experimentation using ‘frames’ from a used sticker sheet that begged for a tree within and around them in watercolour and ink.

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I love this page, it’s a mixed media spread of sticker backings which created the circles, gesso, watercolour, scrap papers and a final layer of payne’s grey watercolour ; something that I played around with again in a later page because I loved the effect so much.


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This one is really interesting to me given the way that the ink and watercolour have reacted with the gesso mark making that was used as a base. It is as though the gesso were put on top when it was not.

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A small, simple doodle of natural growth and the interconnectedness of nature. Ink over watercolour.

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I’ve been interested in the direction of the eye lately, particularly with windows and areas in an image that draw the vision. This page feels chaotic to me bit with the piece of a single spot that I want to sink into. Brush felt tip pen over watercolour.

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