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The first of the oracle cards, intuitively painted in watercolour and ink from meditating on and connecting with one of the backgrounds was TREE; one of the earth cards.145mggz

Keywords: Strength, security, grounded, protection, gateway, watchful, guardian, truth, knowledge.

Thoughts: Deep within the bowels of the tree, beneath layers of bark and wood lies a path to the hidden self and wisdom of the Universe. TREE is both the guardian and the gateway to self discovery. Know that any steps of exploration that are taken through the hidden doorway in the trunk are taken with support, protection and under the watchful eye of TREE’s spirit. No harm will come to you on this journey and only truth will answer your questions.

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The backgrounds for the spirit suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the water suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the fire suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the air suit of my oracle cards project:

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It’s that time again, Autumn is fast upon us and as often happens I find myself turning inwards to discover what I need to do to move forward. For the past five years or so I haven’t been completely honest with myself, it has been easier to avoid the truth and fill the holes with other things but this year is different. There is a lot of healing that needs to take place and a lot of things that I have been pushing to one side, stifling my journey and actually pushing myself off the path laid out before me. I spent a lot of time blaming other people for the pain I was feeling rather than accept that I need to find the sources of my pain deep within myself. I feel like I am making positive steps now and that this Autumn is the time to shed those pains and allow love and light to finally come in and fill the holes.

Looking inward is never easy. You see things that you don’t want to see and have to accept the parts of you that you wish weren’t there. But they are there and they are a necessary part of you. A very defining thing happened to me when I started to hide from myself and I have been trying to heal from it the wrong ways. I’ve known what I needed to do in my heart but it was always so hard to face. I can’t keep running from it though, one way or another none of us can, those things we wish weren’t there or like to deny are our issues always come back to us one way or another.

This Autumn I will face them and allow myself to be bathed in self love because, no matter what anyone else tells me and no matter what my dark aspects have been telling me, I am worth it. I deserve to live in light, love and happiness. I deserve to know peace and follow my calling. I have to accept my shadow aspects and love them as much as my light in order to heal and grow.

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Desk altar 1

My main altar shrine space in my house is full of colour, crystals, candles and things that I find inspiring reminders of my spirituality. For my desk altar I wanted something cleaner, purer and simpler since my studio space and desk itself gets cluttered enough already.

Desk altar 2

It took a couple of sessions with the gouache paints but I’m pleased with how it turned out in the end. Simple knotwork with just a little blending of two tones of purple and green (my two favourite colours).

Desk altar 3

And here it is with a few bits on it. The candles were a sale find in Sainsbury’s from their winter collection, a hagstone, crystal, seed pod and a small glass bowl complete the set up. I like to have a candle on each side of my altars/shrines which is why I only painted the central area of the back.

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