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First and foremost, before I get to the point of this post I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year now that it has finally arrived. For me 2013 was a very positive year despite the culminating health issues. My depression has been better than previously and I’ve been taking slow and steady steps forward towards my goals and dreams, surpassing, at points, even my own expectations. I can only hope that this positivity continues over the coming twelve months propelling me into further success, gods know I have a long list of things I would dearly love to achieve during 2014.

Last year, with my Smashbook I had a word a month to focus on and work with, I intend to do it a little differently this year picking either a word as my focus for the year or for a few months. I’m not decided yet as to whether I’m going to change through the year or stick with it for the whole year, I will see how I feel as I go though I have known what my starting word would be for quite some time.


Over recent times I have become a bit of a procrastinator. It’s oddly off character for me as I have always been very driven and ambitious, determined and frankly a person that does what needs to be done. With everything that has been going on over the last few years I think I gave up a little and this last twelve months has been much more about me getting back on my feet and learning how to walk again, yet I still found myself procrastinating at times, putting things off, the better they seemed for me the more I pushed them aside.

So my constant reminder needs to be to ACT, to do those things I try to put off because not only will doing them move me towards where I want to go but it will also lighten the load on my shoulders and remove the stress and guilt I end up feeling for not doing what needs to be done.

I don’t want to reach the end of 2014 with my list of goals in tact and the knowledge that I didn’t ACT.


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Shine, energy, heal, play, tiger, earth, shaman, muffin… these are a few of my power words; words that bring a smile to my face and put a spring in my step. When I use them or think on them I feel my energy raising and in turn I become happier. They are particularly helpful when affirmations just aren’t doing it for me, which happens often when I’m feeling off or down.

Words have such power over us, not just down to their general meanings but more so thanks to the personal and emotional responses we give to them. We give them power and it’s power that we can also draw from and use.

My filofax is gradually becoming a motivational tool as well as a means of planning, things like this all have a pretty place and boost my spirits. It’ll get cluttered, the words will overlap, but maybe in doing so they’ll show me something I didn’t see before.

What are your power words?

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