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jan challenge 23

Day 23 had a whole idea of it’s own. It wanted to be a character drawing and so that is what it became, at least in a very rough, draft, pencil form. It is something to be revisited later, however, either to work on here or recreate elsewhere outside of the challenge.


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I dislike drawing and painting portraits. I have always avoided them save for in my art journal where I didn’t have to share them. I never felt like I found my own style with them and I discovered very early on that I was easily put off by wanting things to look perfect and realistic when the rest of my art is bold, colourful and a mix of abstraction and expressionism.

For this portrait prompt I took my acrylic paints into the garden. I had no plan I just started piecing together lines and blocks of colour. I let her surface on her own, she isn’t of anyone, she just is.

It was challenging, not only because of my general dislike of painting portraits but also because the sketchbook page was fairly small and I think that it would have been interesting to develop on a larger scale where I could add more colour, more bold brush strokes and more movement in the way I painted it. It did, however, make me rethink my approach to portraits and how to let my natural style flow into them rather than trying to force it to be something else.

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