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Playing with black and white is something I like to do from time to time. There seem to be two camps with the colours (or non-colours depending on your point of view), those are to use them or not. Black especially seems to get a bad press in the art world, I think, but I also think it’s important to experiment with how they work and could be used both on their own and with other colours. These three play with that theme; black on a white base, white on a black base and black and white on a coloured base. All worked in wet on wet layers.


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This latest batch of experiments were of the ‘I hate how these are going but I want to finish them’ variety. Layers upon layers of pure colours, built up to create similar compositions, one more balanced and the others focusing on each primary colour. They turned out better than I expected in the end and there are things I do like about them, but I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m glad this set of experiments are over. They are all part of the learning curve of exploration, however, and for that I am grateful:

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This set focuses on painting with other utensils than brushes to create different, interesting textures and marks. The first two were painted intuitively direct onto acrylic paper, in acrylic with a palette knife. The third (the purpley one) was painted in the same way using an old spoon and plastic fork rather than a palette knife:

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Three experiments with watercolours on watercolour paper. The pure coloured paint was added in thin transparent layers allowing each to dry in the first two, while the third was worked on slightly damp paper, to build up interesting marks, textures and colour combinations. It always amazes me how one medium can be used to create so many different effects.

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Fins And Feathers ~ Watercolour, gesso and ink on watercolour paper

When you let an image surface and do what it pleases you can never be sure what you will get. Is it fins or feathers? Maybe both and a hidden world of paths and pits.

This one will be up for sale soon on my website, either as it comes or framed.

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the art challenge week 12 cardboard box I had all these grand plans to draw a tattered old box in a growing forest, a forgotten piece of rubbish being reclaimed by nature as grass and fungi grew around it. As you can see that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t matter. Something happened and that’s what counts.

I drew one of our packing boxes from the move, minus the lettering on the outside, in black ink and tried to keep it sketchy with a little cross hatching and a light watercolour pencil wash over a more vibrant inktense background.

My calligraphy marker went AWOL on the watercolour paper but I wanted the words included because for me, I couldn’t decide what the box should be so I asked the question: ‘What will you be today?’ It may not look like much but it was a stark reminder of how we make things what they are through the power of our minds. The humble box can become, for a short while, anything that our imagination wants it to be and that is what creativity is all about.

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It occurred to me, while freezing my arse off in the cold wind and drawing a shell for last week’s art challenge prompt, that I have never drawn a fish outside of a little doodle or cartoon style when I was a child. I’m not sure why that is, thinking about it makes me nervous actually and that usually means I should at least give it a go once.

And so, even though I know I will probably regret it, this week’s challenge is to create an image of/with/inspired by fish.

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