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jan challenge 23

Day 23 had a whole idea of it’s own. It wanted to be a character drawing and so that is what it became, at least in a very rough, draft, pencil form. It is something to be revisited later, however, either to work on here or recreate elsewhere outside of the challenge.


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Some small ones from my spiritual journal this time, a floral triquetra and floral pentacle:

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I do not practice ‘traditional’ drawing enough, that’s a fact. I am trying to do so more in various ways, particularly with pencils, which I dislike using compared to charcoal. It happened that my son wanted to have some art time, he specifically wanted to draw with me and so I took the opportunity to use a pencil for the first time in ages, since he was using one as well.

I began sketching a felted coaster I had on the coffee table while he drew his Lego mini-figures. He then asked me to draw some of his mini-figure things too and opted for the helmet and katana accessories he had to hand since he is currently a huge fan of Lego Ninjago.

I’m actually quite surprised at how well they came out given that I haven’t practiced this kind of drawing in so long. It was a good exercise and one that I hope to repeat to continue improving my drawing skills.

Are there things that you’ve gotten out of practice with that you used to do a lot of? Why not challenge yourself to take them up again for a little while?

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Playing with the creation and build up of line through cross hatching as a drawing tool in abstracts. I really enjoyed doing these ones as they just grew from making random cross hatching marks on the paper in my sketchbook. The first two are in pencil and the third in felt pens:

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