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The idea behind this set was to play with both intuitive shapes and oil pastel as well as acrylic paint. Thin washes were used over oil pastel scribbling then thick areas of paint were added to solidify the composition all in slightly different ways playing with line, blended shapes (the first two) and finally bold areas of shape set out in pure colours:

I love how the oil pastel comes through the paint offering subtle changes in texture and interest thanks to the resistance it has. Which one is your favourite and why?


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About the only thing I knew I wanted to do with the unfamiliar prompt was to play around with a medium that I didn’t use very often as opposed to a subject matter. This became tricky in itself because I have a lot of different materials in my studio that I use fairly frequently. I had a sort through everything and settled on oil pastels which I find myself using less than other medium in my regular art practice. Generally if I want to use oils I paint and if I want to use pastels I use chalk ones that I can smudge and get a large variation of marks with.

I played around with turpentine to loosen the pastels and create thin painterly effects as well as using them thicker to create texture and layering them pure on top of each other to blend colours which I think is one of my favourite uses for them, much as I do with paint I suppose.

I included a picture of the blank page next to it because I used it to clean my pastels and brushes. I do this a lot in my sketchbook and journals and it leaves me an interesting addition to incorporate as a layer in some way on the next prompt.

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The first exercise in the second section of Journal Fodder 365 is to pick and work with a random word. As it happened I had just finished reading a book so flipped it open and blindly pointed, the word I was destined to work with, it seemed, was HOLE.

My immediate reaction to this word was a reminder of my depression and the dark hole I seem to fall into when I have one of my ‘downers’. I think the reason for this is because I have been thinking about and analysing my swings now that I’m on the up-side of life and not struggling with it anymore. I ran with this, first visually and then in writing, the hole itself being built on the place first, outlined with string so that it is raised.


I added mixed media to create texture and colour outside of the hole and filled it with symbolism while the hole itself was left both black and smooth. I then stood back from what I had created intuitively and wrote about it (the visuals weren’t planned consciously to be a certain way, I just let them happen and then deciphered what they meant to me). I then wrote about how the image made me feel and in turn my response to the word HOLE.

I had planned to trim the edges of the paper layer I added for texture but decided, in the end, I liked the rough, semi translucent and un-uniform effect it gave as it was. It seemed to fit the life representation, which, let’s face it, is never neat and precise in it’s colour and chaos.

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