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jan challenge 6

Day 6 was heavy on the layers and textures. Paper, gesso, watercolour, pencil and pen went into multiple layers that I added to throughout the day when I had a few minutes here and there to do so. It worked out really well just stopping by to revisit this page when I could as each layer had time to dry and every time I revisited it I had a fresher look and perspective to apply.


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One of my goals for 2019 is to complete a challenge. Nothing big or crazy, maybe just for a month or so and something that will benefit my health and well being, particularly emotionally which was a struggle for me last year. The biggest problem was that no existing challenges (and there are a lot this time of the year) really felt right for me. I started looking around me for inspiration, journaling and thinking on it in the run up and trying to keep in line with the more minimalist way of thinking that I have been gradually slipping into.

I realised I have a lot of sketchbooks, new ones, handmade ones and started ones, much to my chagrin. When I say a lot I do mean a lot… I have, over the years, had a slight stationary addiction. Notebooks and sketchbooks have always been my downfall, I think because of the sheer amount of possibility they hold for me creatively. New sketchbooks and notebooks feel good. The thing is, I don’t need that many sketchbooks and I have woefully fallen out of the habit of really keeping a proper sketchbook like I used to which saddens me. To combat this the idea came to me that over the course of 2019 I intend to fill all of the books I currently have sitting around in my studio, both new and already started.

So how do I plan to do this? Why, with a page a day!

The idea of the challenge, which I am going to try out for January is to fill a sketchbook page a day (or at least do something on one). The rules are simple:

  • No filling the page with writing (I could easily do this as I’m an avid journaler)
  • Any style, media etc goes
  • Start a new page every day
  • Once a day is over the page must be left as it is (full/finished or not)

How will it go? I have no idea, but I am excited to try it and reignite my interest and enjoyment for my sketchbook as a place to play.

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Grey And Yellow Mixed Media

Mixed media sketchbook experimentation, discovering a love for Payne’s Grey.

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Grey And Yellow Circle Mix

Mixed media sketchbook experimentation, circles are a thing.

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sketchbook experimentation update 16

Mixed media background with a quick ink and watercolour sketch over the top.

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sketchbook experimentation update 14

Mixed media double page spread; tissue paper, junk ephemera, mod-podge, gesso,watercolour, print of my ‘Tree Of Life’ painting. I love how the watercolour has settled over the different textures and layers below, this is something I intend to work with further in the future.

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I love this page, it’s a mixed media spread of sticker backings which created the circles, gesso, watercolour, scrap papers and a final layer of payne’s grey watercolour ; something that I played around with again in a later page because I loved the effect so much.


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