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sketchbook experimentation update 16

Mixed media background with a quick ink and watercolour sketch over the top.


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sketchbook experimentation update 14

Mixed media double page spread; tissue paper, junk ephemera, mod-podge, gesso,watercolour, print of my ‘Tree Of Life’ painting. I love how the watercolour has settled over the different textures and layers below, this is something I intend to work with further in the future.

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I love this page, it’s a mixed media spread of sticker backings which created the circles, gesso, watercolour, scrap papers and a final layer of payne’s grey watercolour ; something that I played around with again in a later page because I loved the effect so much.


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ATC Set for blog

ACEOs/ATCs numbered 1 – 13 are now ready and listed for sale on my eBay account at £7.50 each ❤

There is and only will be one of each of these; no prints will be made from them, so they are completely unique, miniature works of art.

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Having spent so long lately using my travel journals and art kit it’s been a while since I really played in my studio journals/sketchbooks. I’ve been making a concerted effort to fill all of my started books including my dedicated studio ones.

When I paint I’ve been adding media to these pages to both use up existing paint so it doesn’t go to waste and create some interesting experiments in mark making, shape, colour and composition:

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I am so close to finishing this personal journal that I started way back in 2013. It has been a mixture of journaling through my moods, both good and bad, to a place to experiment away from the pressure of ‘getting it right’. I try not to judge anything that surfaces in this particular journal, whether it be thoughts or images, many of which are ugly to my view but very important to my practice.

Lately, while I have still been journaling more traditionally in it, I have noticed abstracts really coming through again and helping to steer me back towards my passion and interest as an artist. It may not look like much but these pages are super important to the development of both my practice as an artist and my personal development and growth.

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“My heart, it bleeds all over the bed.”

My Heart is a small, original mixed media painting on canvas measuring approximately 5 x 7 x 0.7 inches with unpainted white edges. We have all experienced heart ache in life, that feeling that our hearts are haemorrhaging life blood, crying their own tears of pain for a lost love or opportunity. At one such point in my life this is the raw painting that surfaced from it; dark, textured, patchy and filled with interest from the layered ‘bandaging’ beneath to the wire and garnet areas that spring forward from the heart itself.

This original mixed media painting is available to buy from my website.

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