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Midori Passport Inserts for blog

My love of the Midori Traveller’s Notebook is not secret. I’ve wanted a passport size to go with my regular one for a while now and I was finally able to treat myself to it with birthday money I received last month!

I purchased a brown Midori in passport size with the 2018 diary included so I would have a quick monthly look to refer to when I’m out and about and not carrying my regular size TN. In addition I bought a sketchbook, lightweight paper and regular paper inserts, a zipper pocket and connecting bands all from The Journal Shop.


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A corner doodle in my regular size Midori Traveller’s Notebook, created over a couple of drawing sessions while out and about. First just lined and later filled out with black ink.

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From humble beginnings over coffee; a splash of patience and a sprinkle of connection…


Great things can be born:


But then I suppose that can be said of a lot of things, not just doodling.


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Another Midori ink doodle/drawing, this one started as a single, simple leaf design and grew into this instead:

leaf spiral doodle

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I am still doodling. For the most part my ink drawings are done out of the house when I am in town with my notebook and ink pen. I am finding it to be a wonderful way to relax and get grounded, particularly in the mornings and evenings if I feel like I am in a bit of a muddle mentally.

This one is a page in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook. It began as a single flower and then morphed into a longer, full page design in black ink:

flower doodle

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So the school summer holidays are about to begin here, six weeks of fun and me tearing my hair out having the kids home twenty four seven but I’m determined to be productive and enjoy my time with them over this month and not allow my usual summer funk to kick in.

I have some big stuff planned such as the super secret Disney Land Paris trip at the end of August and some smaller activities in the works including a stash box of random and odd art supplies that I organised after a studio clean out for the kids to get creative with while they are home.

My studio time has been all about experimenting at the moment. Playing with colour, form, composition, texture, anything and everything I can think of:

Mark Making Experiment ~ Telling A Story Through Marks

mark making experiment

mark making experiment 3 mark making experiment 2

After wrangling with myself for months about wanting to get myself a Midori traveller’s notebook I finally ordered one yesterday which should be arriving in the next couple of days. I’m super excited about getting it and the inserts I purchased for it as well. If the kids allow me enough peace and quiet I may try to make an un-boxing video for it.

I also started working in the Bindewerk and I’m absolutely loving it so far. The paper has taken my fountain pen and watercolour pencils pretty well. I like it when it buckles a little and creates texture over the pages and while the pen does ghost through slightly to the other side it doesn’t bother me and, I feel, adds to the character of the pages. I’ll be doing a little update post soon to show how I’m using it and what I’m putting in it.

Phew, this week has been a busy one. With the kids having a half day today I feel somewhat¬†unmotivated to start anything major, knowing I’ll have to stop working on it early to pick them up. Since Wednesday I’ve been out of sync with my days thinking it’s Friday but now it actually is I feel a little disjointed. Between you and me I think my body is trying to prepare itself for the insanity of the next six weeks.

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