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Straight from my Midori Passport Size TN another flower mandala doodle created over different moments having coffee when I had a little time to add to it:



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Something a little different with this doodle; a little bit of colour and a lot of geometric shapes in the background, a fair bit of experimenting and a pinch of ‘does this work’?


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Another coffee morning doodle play. Flowers are a current theme for me right now with a lot of my art work, even the doodling kind:


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Midori Passport Inserts for blog

My love of the Midori Traveller’s Notebook is not secret. I’ve wanted a passport size to go with my regular one for a while now and I was finally able to treat myself to it with birthday money I received last month!

I purchased a brown Midori in passport size with the 2018 diary included so I would have a quick monthly look to refer to when I’m out and about and not carrying my regular size TN. In addition I bought a sketchbook, lightweight paper and regular paper inserts, a zipper pocket and connecting bands all from The Journal Shop.

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A corner doodle in my regular size Midori Traveller’s Notebook, created over a couple of drawing sessions while out and about. First just lined and later filled out with black ink.

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Lately in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook I’ve felt the need to change things up as far as doodling is concerned. I’ve been working on my smaller art pieces in general, turning my focus to small paintings, watercolour and ink work as has been progressing in my travel sketchbooks and card design paintings. I’ve found my doodles just taking up sections of a page rather than a whole page as they had before.

The snowflake doodle made me realise this and I decided to go with it and begin working on small doodle reference squares instead; the first few are practices of squares I saw online and liked as a warm up i then dedicated a double spread to squares to fill myself.

The really nice thing about these? They’re quick and easy to do but still just as enjoyable and relaxing as the larger drawings I had been doing.

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Another Midori ink doodle/drawing, this one started as a single, simple leaf design and grew into this instead:

leaf spiral doodle

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