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I finally found the courage to make my first youtube video and as I mentioned in a previous filofax related post it’s a quick look at my filofax purple malden (personal size). Go me!

I hope that if you do watch it you find it interesting and not too terrible for a first attempt.

I’m hoping to make a few different videos for the channel mainly focused around art and my spiritual beliefs as well as my addiction to stationery and organisers, so if there’s anything you would like to see feel free to comment here or message me as I’m completely open to suggestions.


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If you’re a long term visitor to my blog then you may well remember my admission back in July last year that I have a slight addiction to filofaxes, specifically of the purple Malden variety.

Back when I purchased my personal sized Malden I had really wanted an A5 one however they were no longer available to purchase or, from what I could tell, being made anymore. In a way it was a blessing because it stopped me from the internal debate of which size to purchase, in the end I knew I wanted a purple Malden and so the personal one it was.

At least that was until a little while before Christmas where the helpful people at filofax pricked at my Achilles heel in an email that advertised the return of the A5 purple Malden. I’m sure you see where this is going…


…yes, I am weak. Yes, I spent so long trying to talk myself out of the purchase that I missed the sale as well but as you can see, I caved. I felt very guilty for this purchase but finally managed to justify it  as a ‘for my business’ purchase. It’s been a good buy too, I’ve been using it in conjunction with my personal one quite successfully for the last few months despite telling myself that using two may be a little bit of an overkill for me as I do like to have everything in one place rather than spread out.


My system is that I use the personal sized one is for my general day to day and family organisation. Things relating to the kids, chores, household tasks and my planned work hours/days off all go in there as well as personal addresses and contact details for various things. It is a colourful array of post it notes and tags relating to clubs and activities but I’ve found a system that works really well for me without being too complicated using the standard week on two pages diary that came with the filofax.


The A5 Malden has become my business planner, specifically to keep track of my work, writing, blogs and more specific things for it all. I really didn’t like the diary that came with the A5 however, so after a lot of searching I finally settled on this downloadable one by Philofaxy and it’s been working perfectly for my needs. As with my personal filofax I use a color system of three different pens for the main three areas that need attending too plus ‘post it’ notes for other tasks that I need highlighted or that can and do roll over into the next weeks.


Here’s the front, jammed with goodies much as my personal one is as I use the same pens and accessories with it. I kept the A-Z index in this one and use it for business related information and research which has been working really well for me.

002 (2)

001 (2)

I was also really happy to find this set of mini-magnetic Little Miss Bad bookmarks to brighten up the pages of both of my filofaxes. I found them in WH Smiths while I was looking for something else entirely and snapped them up for around £3.

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Yes, I admit it, I have an addiction. It’s not to alcohol, or drugs (whatever you may think of my crazy moments), or clothing, or shoes…it’s for journals. Think diaries, notebooks and sketchbooks, really if it’s pretty or has lovely paper, then I like it. In fact, I would go so far to say that I am addicted to getting the things despite my irrational sense that putting anything in them will ruin them!

I suppose, it would also be accurate to extend this addiction to include stationary, since pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, sticky notes and pencil cases have their way of coming into my possession whether I need them or not, but then surely it makes sense? I mean I need this stuff for the journals…right?

Above all else I like binder diaries, my particular love being for Filofax. Years ago I had a cancer research, pink, pocket size which I loved to death, it was my first more expensive planner and after it I returned to cheaper alternatives but never really finding satisfaction with them. A few months ago I took the plunge and got myself a pocket size Pennybridge which I use as a diary and wallet but alas, as I have been working, planning and doing more for the immanent arrival of my self employed status I needed something…bigger.

I knew what I wanted, what I needed; the sweet, sweet love of a particular purple planner.




The purple Malden!

I absolutely love this filofax, it’s purple leather and has a tonne of space for all the random stuff I shove in them, best of all, in personal size, it has plenty of room for organising my business and personal life but still small enough to carry around with me all the time.


Of course there were a few…extra bits I just had to get for it, some pretty erase-able fanthom pens by uni-ball and a lovely ‘hers’ pink bic, stickers (both functional and just cute) and a load of post-its from my home stash.


The additional new pencil case (£1 from Wilkinsons) is for all the bits that don’t go directly into the Malden such as my highlighters, rubber/eraser combo and miscellaneous extra pens, because let’s face it, when you’re addicted like me you just can’t have enough.

So yes, I may be addicted (and I may, even now, be on the prowl for extra inserts and bits for it) but at least now I will be organised with it!

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