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“Even the smallest leaf is bursting with life.”

This painting was inspired by the colours of the first spring leaves bursting forth with energy and growth. Such a small thing often over looked and taken for granted but incredibly important to our ecosystem and life on earth.

Leaf is an original acrylic painting on a deep edged canvas measuring 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches with unpainted white edges. It features an abstract vibrant leaf, deceivingly simple in it’s design but bursting with energy and texture. It has been signed on both the front and back.

This original oil painting is available to buy from my website.


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Another Midori ink doodle/drawing, this one started as a single, simple leaf design and grew into this instead:

leaf spiral doodle

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This is actually a section of the full page I did after deciding I wanted to try leaf printing with my acrylic inks. It was… interesting, this was the best print to come out of it. The page had a backing of greens yellows and blues like last week’s butterfly prompt as I covered both pages at once. I chose Magenta ink as a contrast on the leaf and printed it over the whole page. I love the effect that this particular print has had, the mix of colours and how the inks have reacted with the page.

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When I look at my studio window in the new house what I see is a line of trees that run along the back of mine and my neighbours’ gardens. Within the space of a week they have exploded with green now that the sun has been out and the weather so much warmer. This week is not for looking at the tree in it’s entirety though but to focus on the very thing that has sprouted; the leaf. Such a seemingly simple thing but so vital, not only to the tree but to us as well.

This week’s prompt is to create an image that includes or is inspired by the leaf.

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