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It was not long after picking my word for January that I knew what February’s would be. I don’t generally go out for New Year, I stay in and try to stay up, sometimes I manage it, sometimes I fail miserably. If I do manage it I will sit at my altar or just quietly and do a reading for guidance as to how to move forward into the beginning of the year.

The ones I have the strongest connection to are my Faery Oracle Cards by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth. They are my main deck and first port of call when I want or feel the need to do a reading. As usual they were very accurate though it was the last card that really spoke to me it was The Singer of Connection. It made it very clear that reconnection in all areas of my life was in order and quickly. I nearly made it my first word and yet I knew that Inspire had to come first. February’s word was born; CONNECT, but connect to what?

The answer is more than one thing. It’s funny that I began playing around with the Journal Junkies Journal Fodder 365 a few days ago, it has me reconnecting with myself, who I am, where I come from, what makes me me, the good, the bad and the ugly. I also know that my spiritual connection to deity, earth, indeed everything calls me constantly and has been doing so to some measure through my depression for a fair while. At the end of last year I reconnected with my healing practices though it wasn’t enough, something or someone has been missing, struggling to come through, itching to be recognised, heard and given priority.

A few days ago something happened with regards to someone I love, my first and only thought was to call on Kali and ask for her help, guidance and comfort for him. She has been more fully with me since then, I have reconnected with her and am no longer holding her at arms length. This is one of the main connections I needed to make and as a result it is her that adorns the February tag for my smashbook.

I have a feeling that connecting this month is going to bring me one of deep reflection and learning, something that I haven’t always embraced but do desperately need.


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Polymer clay pentacle on elasticated cord with wooden and hematite beads and ox bone skulls.

I have written a little about this necklace on my pagan blog Living Magic for those that are interested in how it came about.

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