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This set focuses on painting with other utensils than brushes to create different, interesting textures and marks. The first two were painted intuitively direct onto acrylic paper, in acrylic with a palette knife. The third (the purpley one) was painted in the same way using an old spoon and plastic fork rather than a palette knife:


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Right now I am all about experimenting with techniques, marks, colours, compositions and media in the studio to see what works and doesn’t for me, what I want to incorporate into my creativity and what I think holds promise and new avenues for development and further experimentation.

Playing with colour, intuitive composition and mark making:


Acrylic on watercolour paper


Acrylic on canvas, primary colour play


Acrylic on watercolour paper in neutrals

What I love about developing abstracts and intuitive painting is that there is no plan or focus, the paint just is and I am able to let go and follow where it leads.

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Paint like…

untitled full

… you know what will emerge will be good.

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The first page in my new journal is done, leaving a space at the bottom to fill in the end date once it is filled. I really wanted to put in the cross stitch kit I did over the last couple of evenings as it’s the first bit of cross stitching I’ve done in a fair while. I used water colours, gouache and different pens but most important is what I intuitively wrote in the border…

Time to let go and create, freely, openly, playfully, without worry or fear, it’s all beautiful, it’s all art. Every page is an expression of what is in your soul, an act of love made more powerful in giving it space to just be. Art is healing, the deepest healing there is because it heals your soul. Let your creativity heal you.

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