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I wondered for a while what my word for April would be, I felt like it was right in front of me, staring me in the face but I hadn’t recognised it yet. Then a few weeks ago I got a letter that at first frightened me and then filled me with hope. After finishing my healing course I had decided what I wanted to do and felt that the dream I had harboured for years of combining spiritual healing and art was finally coming closer. This letter proved to be a kick up the proverbial backside to really get to grips with this idea, my DREAM.

Things flowed from there once I recognised this, my dream to create and run my own business became more substantial in my mind and, once the fear had subsided, a positive goal for the future that for the first time I really felt that I was able to achieve. I had an appointment to wait for which would help me to discover the viability of my dream financially and in the meantime my dream board, which had been sitting there empty and staring me in the face every day was calling. I finally finished it.



It’s full to bursting with the things I want to do and work towards, a plan of my ideal studio/healing/shop space, a paint brush and part of a palette, stars, a book with the titles of the books I want to write, and inspirational phrases. One that made it’s way into my journal which I wrote about before…



…and this one which was shown to me by my friend Pixie Allen who has a great motivational blog here. It was well received at a time when I really needed it and has pride of place in the centre of my dream board as something I really need to see, remember and accept regularly.



After my appointment I felt far more relaxed about the whole affair. I realised my dream was possible and I had taken the time to really think it through and see the possibilities that were branching off from it. The night after my appointment I drew one of my angel cards before bed, I picked Sahaquiel whose message was “I’ll lift you to reach for the stars: live your dreams!”

I think it’s safe to say that I am supported and guided in this venture, the timing, advice and messages that have been flowing through different avenues to me and bolstering my confidence and the dream itself have been amazing and irrefutable. I believe that the universe wants us all to reach for our dreams and live them so that we are fulfilled and happy in everything we do. Try it, you might like it.



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Prompt Box.

About a year ago I decoupaged a shoe box I had in the closet, a childrens size one so it’s nicely smaller than an average adults shoe box. I had no idea what I wanted the box for and over the months it’s had a few uses, now finally this month I have been inspired by the word inspire to use it as a prompt box which I mentioned I had planned in an earlier post.



Simply put it’s a box I find pretty and colourful where I’m putting slips of paper with inspirational words, quotes, songs, pictures, anything really that tugs at my creativity in some way whether it be very general or more specific. The paper pieces are folded a couple of times so that when I reach in to take one I have no idea what I will be getting.



When I am unsure what to do or need a push to create and stoke that fire I like to be given something random to think about and use as a starting point. There are days when I know what I want to make, what I want to say or what I want to do with it but other days when no matter how much of a creative itch I have I just can’t find the right spot to scratch and I draw up blanks.

Sometimes just playing around in my journal will help, slapping on some paint, adding a few background layers to pages for the future, other times this leaves me in just as much of a limbo with no way forward. I don’t see my art as an end piece until I say it’s finished, for me art is all about the progress and journey of getting wherever the hell it is my intuition is taking me.

It’s a simple idea and I know that everything in the box that I add does in fact inspire me in some form or another (which sometimes I find difficult with prompts given to me by others). I have faith that whatever it is I pull out will be beneficial to me at that time to think about and work with and when I’m done with the prompt it can just go back in the box because I know that when I tackle it again further down the line what it says to me and what it inspires me to create will be entirely different from any previous time exploring it.

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As I mentioned in an earlier post this year, my word for the month is inspire. The above picture is the tag I made for my 2013 smash book, over the area for January on my double spread of words for the year, an exercise designed to help me to get back into the flow, find my motivation and really just start thinking and acting on my dreams.

So far this month I have been taking time to really think about what inspires me, what gets my muse wanting to create, what is really part of the blend for the base of all I create. It turns out that there is a lot, I had forgotten how much and the more I think about it and have it in my ind the more I discover inspires me. The generalized topics can be segmented, my inspirations can be pinpointed into specific things, jump off points with a whole realm of possibilities open to my creativity.


I wanted to put this down into my art journal in an ‘inspire’ page. Originally I had planned on one page for the word and the second half of the spread for a kind of brainstorming thing, though it soon became evident that the whole double page would be the brainstorm. Under the paint, which you can’t see here, are pages from a Shakespeare compendium, the paper I have found to be very good for a base decoupage/papier mache and as it happens is a part of literature which also inspires me. I then layered blue, white and gold paints adding the inspire word across the double page in a kind of pop out design.

So what does inspire me? The items I added to the list are just a base, a starting point and already I have thought of more to add and cram into the available remaining space, literature being one of them! In no particular order the things listed are:

  • abstraction
  • organisation
  • crystals
  • curves
  • colour
  • the female form
  • patterns
  • mythology
  • drumming
  • mess
  • music
  • symbols
  • deities
  • energy
  • faeries
  • nature
  • elements

Just thinking about these things has given me ideas, a place to start, renewed that feeling of wanting to create, wanting to explore these themes in my own unique way to heal and let my soul say what it wants to say visually. It’s also given me a new idea, to create a prompt box or inspiration box using these themes, specifics from them and my responses to them in a way that’s random for days when I need and want a starting point but don’t know where to begin. It’s something that will come as part of my ‘inspire’ month and an exercise I will blog about separately when I set it up this week.

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