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“My heart, it bleeds all over the bed.”

My Heart is a small, original mixed media painting on canvas measuring approximately 5 x 7 x 0.7 inches with unpainted white edges. We have all experienced heart ache in life, that feeling that our hearts are haemorrhaging life blood, crying their own tears of pain for a lost love or opportunity. At one such point in my life this is the raw painting that surfaced from it; dark, textured, patchy and filled with interest from the layered ‘bandaging’ beneath to the wire and garnet areas that spring forward from the heart itself.

This original mixed media painting is available to buy from my website.


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Look inside… find your heart.

For me that is the core of meditation, grasping peace to gain ultimate, pure access to yourself. They are not words I would have necessarily used until I worked on this prompt however…let me explain.



I began working with the word meditation on a single page, randomly stencilling the letters over scrap papers and paint. I added a poem to the word, something that spoke to me about what meditation is, something that came to me while I was enjoying a coffee in my own kind of meditative state. The page sat that way for a good week and I wasn’t sure what else needed to go there until I was searching for inspiration.



It spread out over the next page, the shape of the heart called to me and I realised how appropriate that was for me. My peace through meditation comes from knowing myself, from connecting with my heart, my truth and what makes me who I am in a way that is confident and without question. Doing this brings me peace, knowing my heart frees me from my insecurities and worries as I know, without a doubt, I can handle anything that comes my way.

Look inside… find your heart. It is beautiful and unique and will bring you peace and happiness.

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