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“At the root of the chaos of life is a place of calm connecting all things, it is the orange/red ball.”

I spent many years training as a Chios Healer and Master Teacher, which is a relatively new system of energy healing. One of the basic meditational symbols for finding peace and connection to the Universe through this system is that of the orange-red ball. It has become a symbol of calm for me, like a shield to the craziness going on all around me. Do you feel what it is to be the orange-red ball?

Orange-Red Ball is a small original acrylic painting on canvas measuring 5 x 7 x 0.7 inches with unpainted white edges and would be ideal stood on or hung in an altar, shrine or in a meditational space. It features a smooth, flat orange-red ball surrounded by heavy textured blue acrylic, black spirals and tendrils and silver highlights to the background. It has been signed on both the front and back.

This original acrylic painting is available to buy from my website.

Various prints of this painting are also available from my Redbubble store.


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It’s that time again, Autumn is fast upon us and as often happens I find myself turning inwards to discover what I need to do to move forward. For the past five years or so I haven’t been completely honest with myself, it has been easier to avoid the truth and fill the holes with other things but this year is different. There is a lot of healing that needs to take place and a lot of things that I have been pushing to one side, stifling my journey and actually pushing myself off the path laid out before me. I spent a lot of time blaming other people for the pain I was feeling rather than accept that I need to find the sources of my pain deep within myself. I feel like I am making positive steps now and that this Autumn is the time to shed those pains and allow love and light to finally come in and fill the holes.

Looking inward is never easy. You see things that you don’t want to see and have to accept the parts of you that you wish weren’t there. But they are there and they are a necessary part of you. A very defining thing happened to me when I started to hide from myself and I have been trying to heal from it the wrong ways. I’ve known what I needed to do in my heart but it was always so hard to face. I can’t keep running from it though, one way or another none of us can, those things we wish weren’t there or like to deny are our issues always come back to us one way or another.

This Autumn I will face them and allow myself to be bathed in self love because, no matter what anyone else tells me and no matter what my dark aspects have been telling me, I am worth it. I deserve to live in light, love and happiness. I deserve to know peace and follow my calling. I have to accept my shadow aspects and love them as much as my light in order to heal and grow.

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My weekly card readings have become a huge part of my practice and healing, something that I have begun to both look forward to and cherish before I go to bed on a Sunday. There was a time when I used to worry about reading my cards, for fear that they will tell me something I don’t want to hear. It wouldn’t be the first time but when they do tell me less than pleasant things it is always for my own good in the long run. No-one likes facing the fact that they have to look deeper at themselves, their issues and their own downfalls and that they need to make changes in order to grow.

My cards this week were both comforting and a call to action. I’ve known for a while that I’m carrying a lot of fear around with me. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared of moving forward in my whole life as I am about this move. The longer I go unable to find somewhere to move to that will suit us the more fearful I have become. The first card in my reading reminded me of this, how my fear still exists at the root and that it is the block that’s stopping my progress in all aspects of my life.

I’m a worrier at heart, I’ve never been particularly good at dealing with stress and anxiety which is, by nature, rooted in fear. I’m not talking about pushing it to one side or distracting myself from my fear for a while, I’m talking about finding the root cause of my fear and dealing with it as it crops up and grows; bravely facing my fear head on deep down where it exists inside of me.

So I was sitting at my desk today stewing, wondering just how I’m supposed to do that and asking for guidance when a meditative exercise came to mind, just begging to be written down and I’d like to share it with everyone so that, if you are dealing with similar issues, you can try it for yourself to see if it will help.

Face Your Fear Meditation:

See your life stretch before you as a road that you are travelling down. It runs both in front and behind through different locations that represent different points in your life. At times the path forks but always runs in the same direction. What is around you as you walk the path right now? How do you feel about your current location? Ahead on the path you see something blocking the way. It could be an object, person, creature, wall or obstacle for example. What is it and how do you feel about it’s presence? Ask it why it’s here and listen to it’s response whether it be vocal or more of a feeling. Whatever you sense from it is valid. When you are ready concentrate on your heart chakra, feel it filling with light, love and acceptance of this representation of your fear. Say whatever you need to say to it and something along the lines of “thank you for the lesson you have brought me. Go in peace and love as I need you not.” Embrace the person/conquer the obstacle/see it diminish and disappear in front of you, whatever feels right to you and move past it, continuing along your path without looking back.

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I knew I would have to slow down this week. My card for this week was Impasse; no progress to make where my main focus has been. Delay, slowing, patience, but all for the best in the long run.

It was on Monday that I felt the call to focus on the spiritual side of things. That evening I knew I needed to work on a couple of projects, the first being to make a medicine bag for myself. This was very important, I know that because the idea would not go away, it nagged at my heart even while I slept. In town the next day I was drawn to a charity shop where I found a bundle of linen fabric, just perfect for the bag…


I attached a long burgundy cord to the pouch both to keep the top shut and so that I could wear it around my neck, using a special hagstone (the first one I ever found and that I have had for many years) to pass it through at the back of the pouch, which is why the top is shaped the way it is. In the above picture the hagstone has been tightened to the bag.


Without the hagstone drawn in the medicine bag looks like this. I had originally planned to stitch it in a way that the stitching would be invisible however thanks to the fraying in the fabric and the fact I liked the look of the stitching I had to use to compensate for that I made it into more of a feature, adding a single quartz point to weigh down the front flap.


And so my medicine bag is finished. It’s small enough that I can wear it without it getting in the way but big enough that I can fit plenty in it. Now I just have to work out what I’m going to do with the rest of the linen as this little project only used a small fraction of the bundle.

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Chakra Mandala ~ watercolour and ink on watercolour paper.

I finally finished the Chakra Mandala and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I learned a lot about the best way to approach a mandala design in the future and I had such a wonderful time creating it.

The original piece will soon be available from my website to buy as will art print cards of the image on which I can add a custom message. Keep an eye on the news section to see when it’s listed!

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Today I have been adding to my chakra mandala, working from the centre of the flower out to the edges of the paper.

In hindsight I should have drawn it within a circle on my paper but I wanted the sections to be as large as possible and so filled the square of water colour paper instead.

It’s been a wonderful experience to work on this piece. Each section relating to a different chakra and really speaking to me as I approach it with what it wants to look like.

Once she’s finished she’ll be available to buy from my website and with any luck I will be making some cards from prints of her too if she complies with my request. She gives me that feeling of rightness when I concentrate on the spiral centre and guides me into peace.

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To say that I love this oracle deck would be a gross understatement.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman have become my main go-to deck since I got them earlier this year. They’re simple, beautiful cards that I’ve found to be wonderfully accurate for me.

I use them on a weekly basis drawing one card for the week as a reminder of what I need to focus on. The deck is split into cards for each chakra base through to crown. Each one has a lovely illustration, a word and then a page in the accompanying book which has it’s meaning along with a story and a meditation for the card.

It hasn’t taken me long to get a feel for the cards. The single word on the bottom of each one along with the illustrations really fire my intuition. The set is colourful, easy to use and well organised. I love the depth a single card can go to when you consider it’s connection to a specific chakra and what that chakra represents in relation to the card itself.

For those unfamiliar with the chakras and their meanings the book says a little about them, each section giving an over view of the cards for that chakra before delving more in depth with each one.

The one thing I will note about these cards is that, for me at least, it’s less a divination deck and more rooted in the present, helping me to discover the root issues I’m dealing with and how to work through it. My readings, because of this, have felt real, tangible and well timed. It’s something that I have really come to love and appreciate about this deck and probably the main reason why I use them so regularly.

If you’re looking for a colourful card set that specifically relates to the chakras then I would recommend this deck. Personally I love oracle cards, often more so than tarot cards. I’ve used many decks over the years but this has become my favourite for it’s beauty, simplicity and the way I connect with it.

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