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Available plain as pictured or with a custom, personalised message on the front, these art print cards are now available to order from my website. They are printed on 220 gsm canvas paper and mounted on a 300 gsm A6 white card. Each one comes with a matching white envelope and a sprinkle of card confetti for that extra special touch.


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Having moved a large amount of furniture around of late, created a new studio space and spiritual den and rearranged the look, feel and surface used for my main altar space I found that I wanted and needed a small travel altar that I could move easily and set up around the house, take with me when travelling and use on the go.

While I love the idea of having something very small I knew that for what I needed for use at home and away I would need something larger but still relatively compact and light weight. During my sort out I found a stationary set that I barely used but had purchased a couple of years ago on our family trip to Disneyland Paris. Needless to say, inspiration struck:

Altar Project 1

I thought this pencil case and set was super cute when I brought it; I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, the design and colours are very me and it ties in with the bookmark I use in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook on a day to day planner. Once I had decided to use it I knew just what I wanted to do. The first thing was to open it up and remove the cardboard parts that had all the elastics on for holding the pens, pencils and stationary in the three compartments:

The problem with this was that it took away a lot of the stiff structure to the case, though with my plans for it that wasn’t too much of an issue. I used the dark purple insert as a template to cut out pretty cardstock from this Wild Flower, 200gsm cardstock I found and loved a few months ago:

Having picked out three of my favourite sheets and making sure they were different so that I would have different patterned surfaced to work with according to my mood I cut out the replacement inserts and glued them into the case:

Altar Project 7

Using the 200gsm cardstock had an added advantage to the structure of the finished case in that I could open any compartment and stand it upright to use the coloured surfaces as working altars. This was enhanced once I had added my tools, crystals and items to weigh the areas down though even without the added weight, as you can see below, it held itself open very securely so that wherever I am the altar space is easy to set up and very sturdy. Here you can see the three designs I chose for the compartments that I can use as backdrops for my travel altar:

I’m really happy with how this project turned out and have found myself using the space a lot, particularly in my studio on my desk. Which paper design is your favourite?

I have been so inspired, in fact, that I am working on using these papers to create small travel altars for sale out of match boxes (both large and small) which I will post about once I have finished them.

Coming Up In Part 2:

See what tools and items I have in my travel altar for witchy goings on out and about, how I set the travel altar up and how it has been working for me so far.

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 Last week I began working on cards for my trip to London for the Pagan Federation London Conference on Saturday 27th June 2015. I had a great time making these little flower numbers, each one while similar in composition is different in colour and pattern and has either garnet, citrine, peridot or carnelian crystals on the wire spirals.

Of course, they wouldn’t be complete without matching origami envelopes to go with them, which fold flat with ribbon tied around them and open out to the boxes shown in the background. While I won’t be listing any of these online (unless they don’t sell at the market) they are available for sale. If you’re interested message me via my facebook page or website.

Next up, Tree Of Life cards using prints of my original painting.

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I have, rather ashamedly, been lacking in my spiritual practice of late. It’s never a good thing for me as I find myself losing what has always been at the core of my being. When my depression sets in as a result it becomes harder, my creativity gets sapped as well as it is so tightly connected with my spirituality. Over the last month I have been trying to slowly reintegrate my spiritual practices back into my life and one of the first things I really felt I needed to do was organise all my stuff.

I have a box of old pages, journals and information that were once parts of my current Tomes (or Books of Shadows/spiritual journals…whatever you may call them). This box has been sitting there taunting me for a while so as a part of my return I decided to do something about it. It’s a work in progress of course but I have been working hard to try and really crack on and get it sorted out. Looking over the pages I put so much energy and love into has helped me a lot. It has reminded me what I love about my spiritual work, witchcraft and just the core of my beliefs as they stand now having evolved so much over my life.

I went on the hunt for a new book but found myself disenchanted by what was available. I have bought many over the last 15 years, some really beautiful leather bound books both bound and with removable pages and while I have loved them very much I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me this time around. Instead my inner voice was urging me to make one, to put all of my care and energy in from the start and so that is what I did.

001 resized

It took me a couple of hours, some card board, paint, thread and paper but this is what I created. I have since added ribbons to the decorative spine to both reinforce the thread and add some interest…

003 resized

It was really important to me to use recycled materials for the cover; card and packaging paper made for a sturdy cover which I then painted in brown acryllic paint and brushed with gold acryllic pains to highlight the gorgeous textures.

004 resized

As you can see it is rather thick and filled with sketchbook paper from an old ring bound sketchbook that I do not use, the pages being around A5 size as that is the size I prefer to work with.

005 resized

I also added some marbled paper to the inside cover to both decorate and cover the inner workings of how I created the cover. I am so pleased with the result and that I finally made my own book for my spiritual information and work. It really does feel much more like a part of me than anything I have ever brought for the purpose and I love working in it, which is really the whole point so that I don’t lose interest in filling it.

Really, I just wanted to share it with you…both my creation and intent. No matter how far you seemingly stray from your path, I believe it is never too late to get back on it again.

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Fancy winning this lovely pair of felted cuffs by artist Abigail Thomas?

Well look no further. To celebrate reaching 100 likes on her facebook page Felt Meets Cloth she is giving them away. Just roll on over to her blog for details on how to enter and give it a shot!

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I finally got around to finishing off the base of thevision boards that I started last Autumn, I know, I know, it took me long enough. I have to add the pictures and words I want on them still which I hope to get done fairly soon, it helps that one of them is hung in my front room where I see it constantly and am reminded to do it. Sorting through all my photographs and the bits I want to include on it needs to come first.


In the living room we have the ‘dream’ board where I will be representing my goals, wants and dreams for the future along with my affirmations to help me get there, the felt hearts are padded and have a silver letter on each to spell out dream. The owl hanging from the bottom is a magnetic board I got before Christmas in town where I stick all my ‘to do’ list items relating to what I want to achieve and to help motivate me and give me small steps I can take to move forward even on the days I feel unable to because I’m in a mental and emotional muddle.


This one is for my bedroom and it’s my gratitude board. I have been trying to think of the main words I want to include on it, something along the lines of  ‘I am grateful for…’ or ‘I am blessed with…’. As it sounds this board is for all the things I have in my life that I am grateful for and a lot of the time take for granted. Recognizing such things has been a very good way for me to lift my spirits and remind myself gently that I have a lot and enough in my life so far. It happens often that I get days and moments of jealousy, of feeling like I have nothing compared to others because of it or that I should have more when that isn’t the case at all. This board reminds of that and helps to keep me grounded and happy with my present.

The charm hanging from the bottom is an angel that will dangle, when I have it up where it’s supposed to be in my room, over my little shrine by the bed where I read my ‘angel’ and ‘soul’ cards. I tend to pick one and leave it on my little card stand that I made a while back until I feel the need for a new message and my guides were quite adamant that the charm was meant to go there. Decoratively I made two paper flowers and leaves sets from patterned papers from my stock. A magazine I bought last year had some templates for paper flower making that I wanted to give a try. Having flowers on this board was really important to me as everything I have on it has already blossomed and brings me joy.

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Those that knew me from my previous blog years ago on blogger will know I’ve always had a very deep and easy connection with the faeries. As a child they were constantly around me, teaching me and keeping me company and as such I was never lonely. They have always been there in my life, an amazing spiritual source of information and fun though over recent years the connection (thanks to my depression and purposefully shutting it down on my part) has been strained and weak. When I fed my spirituality I would be inundated with information, inspiration and words from them again. I’d write poetry without a second thought and see them dancing and introducing themselves wherever I went.





Welcoming and embracing my connection again at the end of last year had me creating this mini journal for them. It’s been through a few changes with the closure and spine decorations but they are finally settled and happy with it as a little book for my poetry and symbolism for them. It will have a place on my bedroom altar next to the faery door and wooden carved mushrooms that are already there.

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