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In the end, as you can see, I decided to post a picture of my finished blessings board. In this photo it’s sat on my easel in the front room before I relocated it to my bedroom. It has a whole mix of images to represent the different things I’m grateful for in my life as well as single words and I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I was balking for quite a while at finishing this, I found it immensely hard to count my blessings when I wanted to wallow in self pity and just be down, but finishing it and hanging it has helped. The board is not just a reminder, it’s a dedication to my blessings, a visual affirmation of what I have in my life so that I can’t deny what I have when I’m on a downer.


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I finally got around to finishing off the base of thevision boards that I started last Autumn, I know, I know, it took me long enough. I have to add the pictures and words I want on them still which I hope to get done fairly soon, it helps that one of them is hung in my front room where I see it constantly and am reminded to do it. Sorting through all my photographs and the bits I want to include on it needs to come first.


In the living room we have the ‘dream’ board where I will be representing my goals, wants and dreams for the future along with my affirmations to help me get there, the felt hearts are padded and have a silver letter on each to spell out dream. The owl hanging from the bottom is a magnetic board I got before Christmas in town where I stick all my ‘to do’ list items relating to what I want to achieve and to help motivate me and give me small steps I can take to move forward even on the days I feel unable to because I’m in a mental and emotional muddle.


This one is for my bedroom and it’s my gratitude board. I have been trying to think of the main words I want to include on it, something along the lines of  ‘I am grateful for…’ or ‘I am blessed with…’. As it sounds this board is for all the things I have in my life that I am grateful for and a lot of the time take for granted. Recognizing such things has been a very good way for me to lift my spirits and remind myself gently that I have a lot and enough in my life so far. It happens often that I get days and moments of jealousy, of feeling like I have nothing compared to others because of it or that I should have more when that isn’t the case at all. This board reminds of that and helps to keep me grounded and happy with my present.

The charm hanging from the bottom is an angel that will dangle, when I have it up where it’s supposed to be in my room, over my little shrine by the bed where I read my ‘angel’ and ‘soul’ cards. I tend to pick one and leave it on my little card stand that I made a while back until I feel the need for a new message and my guides were quite adamant that the charm was meant to go there. Decoratively I made two paper flowers and leaves sets from patterned papers from my stock. A magazine I bought last year had some templates for paper flower making that I wanted to give a try. Having flowers on this board was really important to me as everything I have on it has already blossomed and brings me joy.

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