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Are you looking out or looking in? What do you see? Something to enjoy or fear? Perhaps someone or something looking back at you?

Windows are interesting, just the perspective of whether or not a viewer is inside looking out or outside looking in says a lot in an image. They don’t even have to be a traditional window; some people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. What kind of window appeals to you and where does it take you?

This week’s prompt is to create an image on the topic of windows whatever that means to you. It doesn’t have to be profound, if nothing else take a look outside your closest window and record what you see.


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I had a fantastic time on my holiday to New York. We didn’t visit many tourist places mainly because it wasn’t high on my agenda and gives me more things to go to next time I go over to visit. The one place we did go was Times Square though it was terribly humid while I was over there which made the whole experience of being in a super busy place that much more difficult.

Once I have a chance I’ll be posting pictures from the other places we went to, I need to go through them first and do some edits. There are a lot of pictures of flowers from my trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, which I hope to use and work with for some new paintings in the future too.

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Having completed my work through of Journal Fodder 365 and still enjoying the activities in Wreck This Journal by Kerri Smith (I’m over half way through the book now) I decided to look into the other titles she has released and get another to play around with. Of all of them it was The Pocket Scavenger that really appealed to me so I snapped it up with the free Amazon voucher I was given a couple of weeks ago for completing a survey.

I thought it would be a fun thing to do both for me and the kids, particularly in the holidays when they are home and getting bored.


As soon as it came through I was impressed with the feel of the cover and  pages they’re nice and thick with easy to follow instructions to get you  started. There’s a list of things to scavenge and a checklist plus a double  page spread reserved for each item. Once you find something you turn the  book upside down and flick to a random page which will tell you a way to  alter the item. There’s also a section near the end of scavenging activities to do by yourself and with others.

So far so good, I’m enjoying the idea and will be working with it alongside Wreck This Journal. Full reviews on both will come once I’ve completed them, possible with a video to show how they end up, if  I’m feeling brave enough.


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I often struggle, when I’m doubting myself, with the idea that I’m allowed to do something I love and enjoy it, particularly that I am able to have a career doing it. I tell myself that work shouldn’t be enjoyable, it shouldn’t be something that makes me smile on the inside. For some reason the word work has really negative connotations for me, I’m not sure where that has come from but it’s definitely there for me and, I think, a lot of other people.

So this month I am replacing the word work with play. Play is my word for July and I intend to let myself have some fun, enjoy the process and not think of it as work at all. Sure, there’s going to be things I have to do that I don’t enjoy, ironing for one, but the creative stuff should be playful, childish and most of all enjoyable, otherwise, what’s the point?

I daren’t set myself any targets, which, given my personality, is highly tempting (I love targets and achieving them). I want to say I’ll create something every day and post about it but I know I’ll beat myself up if I don’t do it, so instead I’m going to say I’m going to play everyday. I may blog, tweet or facebook about them…I may not, as long as it’s  organic and making me happy then it is all good.

So I invite you all to have some fun with me, don’t make creativity a chore, have fun with it and play!

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