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Some small ones from my spiritual journal this time, a floral triquetra and floral pentacle:


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Now available to order from the card section of my website are these floral and love themed designs; art prints of my latest original watercolour, ink and gouache paintings. You can order them as they are or have a short custom message printed onto the design for free!

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I am still doodling. For the most part my ink drawings are done out of the house when I am in town with my notebook and ink pen. I am finding it to be a wonderful way to relax and get grounded, particularly in the mornings and evenings if I feel like I am in a bit of a muddle mentally.

This one is a page in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook. It began as a single flower and then morphed into a longer, full page design in black ink:

flower doodle

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