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…A Painting Dies?

It’s hard sometimes to get a painting finished. I’m a master at starting and never getting around to finishing paintings, something that I’m working on rectifying by revisiting my old work and finally bringing them one by one to a close.

Even more infuriating though is when I do finish a work to a point where I’m pleased with it and I don’t feel I’ve over worked it only for it to meet an early demise. This morning my son killed one of my paintings. It was an accident, he didn’t mean to do it and yet he still did after I kept telling him not to go near my work. The canvas has two large holes in it now that I doubt I’ll be able to repair. I wonder if I can salvage it by cutting the painting up and using it for other projects, I’ll not let it go to waste and the frame can be reused if I order some new canvas to stretch over it. Thankfully the other two canvases that were involved in the accident seem to have come out of it unscathed…

…I just… it’s hard, surprisingly hard to lose a piece of work that I’ve put a lot of time and energy into. Better that the damage was done to the painting than my son, I suppose, unlike the last time he was doing things I told him not to but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the loss.


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We have a creative sort of household over here, I suppose it’s inevitable when I’m an artist. The children love to draw and paint among other things and my eldest is beginning to enjoy scrapbooking and journalling. I decided that a nice thing to have would be a family journal, where together we could write, draw and collect things from the day to day things we come across that we like to specific things that may be bothering us or places we have been as a family.

Among my stash of spare journals I found an A4 ring bound one that I dedicated as our Family Journal. A couple of pages have been played with so far, my eldest likes to write things that are stressing her in them and it has become a wonderful way to open up communication about issues that either of the children may be shy about talking about from the off. Together we can go through the pages and deface them, add to them and just generally explore creative ideas together.

I’m hoping that this will continue to be something we all do and that, when the kids are older, they can look back on and see that together, as a family, we are strong. Also that playing creatively and having fun with it is an important way to discover new things in all aspects of life and work through any problems they may be having.

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I seem to be on a roll this evening, two posts so far. It could be because it’s my birthday and I’ve had an awesome day, or maybe I’m just in the blogging mood, who knows for sure? What I do know is I’m not going to question it!


When I bought my big eco style smash book for documenting this year I also purchased one of the mini smash books, I had no idea what I was going to do in it and for a few weeks after I got it it just sat there waiting for a point to it. In the end it became my little book of big events where I started smashing memorable events, in no particular order, that I had stashed away bits from such as the birth of my children, family events and firsts (my first family holiday with the kids, my first holiday on my own etc). You see I’m a terrible horder, like a magpie only I don’t just keep shinies and it was about time I sorted out the big box of all my treasures into something more manageable, birthing the little book of big events.

So here they are, all the pages I have smashed so far. It’s been a whole lot of fun though there is still a whole way to go before the book is full 😉


My Nan’s 80th birthday tea party, November 2012.


My Nan and Grandad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary, January 2004.

I didn’t even realise I still had the invitation for this one in the big box…


The birth of my first baby, my daughter, December 2004.


My first holiday alone, a four night trip to Devon at Retreats For You, March/April 2012.


School photos of the kids over the years. 2012 was the first time Ethan, my youngest, had one done at nursery.

The green page is ready and waiting for the next ones where the kids will be having them together as Ethan starts school this September.


Taking Beth to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, December 2012.

It was her first trip to both London and the theatre.


Beth’s birthday surprise, a trip to build-a-bear, something she has wanted to do for ages, December 2012.



The birth of my youngest, my son, January 2009.




Momentos from the births of the kids, they have both been strung and hung like bookmarks from the spine into the two birth pages.

That’s it so far, I have more pages to add a couple already planned but not yet smashed, one I’m not really looking forward to but know I need to include, not doing so would be doing myself a disservice. My big smash book is still somewhat empty though I now have three pages in my mind ready and waiting for the smashing bug to bite gain.

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