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A small, simple doodle of natural growth and the interconnectedness of nature. Ink over watercolour.


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Straight from my Midori Passport Size TN another flower mandala doodle created over different moments having coffee when I had a little time to add to it:


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Something a little different with this doodle; a little bit of colour and a lot of geometric shapes in the background, a fair bit of experimenting and a pinch of ‘does this work’?


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Another coffee morning doodle play. Flowers are a current theme for me right now with a lot of my art work, even the doodling kind:


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Quick ink drawing of my pen pot using a uni-ball eye micro.

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A corner doodle in my regular size Midori Traveller’s Notebook, created over a couple of drawing sessions while out and about. First just lined and later filled out with black ink.

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I’m really happy to announce the first in a new range of art print cards that I have been working on! Currently available this year are “Crocus”, “Snowdrop”, “Candle”, “Silver Pentacle”, “Winter Growth” and “Snowflakes” (the last was inspired by the snowflake doodles shown in my last post.

The two florals are paintings I did a little while ago but wanted to use in some other capacity while the four blue designs are all new from this month. Created much like my journal pages they began as watercolour backgrounds that I worked onto intuitively to complete with whatever designs came to mind:


The finished cards look like this and are available to order from my website in the cards section of the store.

Custom messages and greetings can also be added to the print for no extra charge so if you like them please feel free to visit my website to order or contact me.

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