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the art challenge week 12 cardboard box I had all these grand plans to draw a tattered old box in a growing forest, a forgotten piece of rubbish being reclaimed by nature as grass and fungi grew around it. As you can see that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t matter. Something happened and that’s what counts.

I drew one of our packing boxes from the move, minus the lettering on the outside, in black ink and tried to keep it sketchy with a little cross hatching and a light watercolour pencil wash over a more vibrant inktense background.

My calligraphy marker went AWOL on the watercolour paper but I wanted the words included because for me, I couldn’t decide what the box should be so I asked the question: ‘What will you be today?’ It may not look like much but it was a stark reminder of how we make things what they are through the power of our minds. The humble box can become, for a short while, anything that our imagination wants it to be and that is what creativity is all about.


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art challenge week 3

For this week’s prompt I drew the warped and hazy reflections in a spoon. While I was drawing the blocks of shapes I kept wondering ‘what if?’ What if the light that hits the edge of the spoon is more prominent? What if the shapes are colourful? What if it were flat not rounded? What if the shapes were outlined to pop more? What if?

All the what if’s created this image. It has a lot more blocks and angles in it than I usually create but I do like how it works with the black background and the white halo around the shapes. I find how my reflection from in the spoon came out really interesting too, it’s one of the few parts that is naturally made up of rounded shapes. All of the others are near the edges and interestingly came from the curve of the spoon itself not the other objects being reflected.

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This page is on the Journal Fodder prompt of accomplices, or as I like to call them creative champions. We all have them and can be them for other people, they are those in your life that give you the much needed push we all sometimes need. I didn’t realise how many I had in my life until I began on this prompt and really thought about it.

There are the obvious ones in my life, my family and friends who like my posts and work, who share a kind word of motivation when I’m struggling, but there are also many people who I have never even met.

The web opens me up to a whole world of people who encourage, praise and offer constructive criticism as well as inspiration. I can access art and writing by a whole range of people I would not have been exposed to and draw strength and creative power from them.



I find it amazing how immersing myself in the work and words of others can trigger something, even when I feel competition or threatened it doesn’t put me back or dishearten me, it spurs me on to create and better myself and my practice.

So to all my creative champions, known and unknown, thank you for what you give to me, whether you realise it or not.

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