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jan challenge 23

Day 23 had a whole idea of it’s own. It wanted to be a character drawing and so that is what it became, at least in a very rough, draft, pencil form. It is something to be revisited later, however, either to work on here or recreate elsewhere outside of the challenge.


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Today I scheduled myself some time to work on my novel in progress expecting to churn out some words and crack on with the story. It didn’t quite go as planned however as instead I took up papers, pastels and paints and began some character development instead, this is just a sneak peek at what I came up with, the face needing to dry before I attempt any features (and pray while I’m doing it that it doesn’t go terribly, terribly wrong).



Playing around randomly with the media not only let me get down the very general points about her that I wanted to convey but also brought up a new one as the paper tore and clumped over one side of her face and she expressed a desire to be distinguished with a rather prominent scar that runs through her eyebrow and down her cheek; a deep line fractured by the position of her eye.

Obviously she is not yet finished but I made good progress and most importantly really connected with the character which has given me a whole lot to add both to what I’ve already written and what is to come šŸ˜‰

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