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the art challenge week 11

It wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I used watercolour to do a quick painting of a tropical fish for the prompt, keeping it fast and the paper very wet.
I tried to be expressive, allowing the paint to do most of the work and just adding in a few more prominent marks here and there at the end.


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I cheated a little with this one, mainly because I have fallen behind and really wanted to get something done for it today so I created a window out of a page that allows you to look through to the surrounding pages.

It may not look like much now but it will make things interesting with the week 10 prompt and I’m excited to see how it relates to it and what the resulting effect is.

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About the only thing I knew I wanted to do with the unfamiliar prompt was to play around with a medium that I didn’t use very often as opposed to a subject matter. This became tricky in itself because I have a lot of different materials in my studio that I use fairly frequently. I had a sort through everything and settled on oil pastels which I find myself using less than other medium in my regular art practice. Generally if I want to use oils I paint and if I want to use pastels I use chalk ones that I can smudge and get a large variation of marks with.

I played around with turpentine to loosen the pastels and create thin painterly effects as well as using them thicker to create texture and layering them pure on top of each other to blend colours which I think is one of my favourite uses for them, much as I do with paint I suppose.

I included a picture of the blank page next to it because I used it to clean my pastels and brushes. I do this a lot in my sketchbook and journals and it leaves me an interesting addition to incorporate as a layer in some way on the next prompt.

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The pencils I used and the image in my sketchbook.

My object of choice for everyday was one of my front door keys, mainly because I was really attracted to the mix of harsh angles and curved edges it had. I created it in the sketchbook I made before New Year for the challenge. Although the background looks grey in the pictures it’s actually layers of silver acrylic with black acrylic over the top to give it a tarnished look in areas and shines in the light at different angles. I then used chalk pencils and some charcoal to build up the image starting with the key in the centre and then adding close up, abstract elements too as that seems to be how my mind works with most things. I really like breaking things down into simple shapes and then playing with composition with them. I had originally planned to add a photographic image to the top left but I decided against it at the end as it added nothing to the page.


Close up of the everyday prompt.

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