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IMG_0485 I decided that, for my butterfly picture, I wanted to take the colour, markings and ‘beauty’ out of the butterfly and just work with the basic silhouetted outline.

Acryllic inks and paint went down in layers in my journal, too much water on the page meant that I pressed the two open pages together creating a symmetrical butterfly in and of itself over the double spread though only one was going to be used for this prompt.

I had a butterfly stencil that I then used with black ink to ‘print’ the image. It was an interesting play around. I did something similar a while back in a different art journal but in white using a raised modelling paste, black though just seemed so dark and different when we are so used to seeing beautiful butterflies in all manner of different sizes and colours.

I think they work better on the lighter colours. I had been tempted to leave it at just the first one in the top left corner when I did it but I did wonder how they would look over the deeper colours further down so I kept adding them.


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Peace, calm after struggle, metamorphosis, transition… they are all meanings put to the symbol of the butterfly but what do they mean to you? They can be large, elaborate insects but also small and unassuming. They do what they need to do, what comes naturally to them, completely unaware of their beauty and the effect they have on us.

This week’s prompt is to create an image of or that includes somewhere in it, large or small, a butterfly.

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