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Another Journal filled over the dates of:


And the best thing about finishing a journal, other than getting to enjoy and look back on the pages created:

003 007 005

Is getting to make and start a new one:


I made something different this time, it’s blue/pink/purple in colour with a base layer of old book pages so the writing peeks through the lighter areas of acryllic paint that I used for the cover.


Rather than paper pages though I wanted something a little different and more robust, opting for cereal boxes to create the signatures as I really want to play around more with mixed media in this journal. I have another that’s similar to the old one that’s being filled as well, specifically working with a book of writing and journaling prompts.

019 017

Bound with the same purple wool that I used for the tie closure it’s ready to be filled and I’m itching to get into that new journal loving. If the pages are less personal than the last journal, which given the other one I’m working on alongside it which is very personal it probably will be, I’ll try to share some of the pages on here as well. If nothing else it will show that art can be made on most any surface in a journal.

An art journal doesn’t have to be fancy, branded or expensive. In fact, in my opinion, often the best ones are homemade. I know I always find it easier to just let rip and experiment on a journal I have made with different and interesting materials. There’s not as much pressure there to make it perfect and beautiful. Much like the journal itself, the pages can just be.


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