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Here’s hoping that 2017 is full of love, light, laughter and happiness for you all.



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…and I wanted to wish you all a very:

happy new year 2016

Last year was a strange one, it didn’t feel bad per say, not like some I have had but it was a very different year full of challenges, changes and transformations in both big and small ways from, in my case, the way I live to the way I think.

Despite the troubles and hardships I do feel like it has laid down foundations to build upon this year as several exciting new projects are in the works and my focus as an artist has become far more apparent.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy year ahead full of love, light, laughter and blessings wherever it leads you.

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blessed imbolc

Imbolc in my house was a lovely and quiet affair, just the way I like it. While we did nothing overly special my mind was definitely there and I felt that familiar gathering of energy around me. I’m basking in the residual effects today, feeling inspired and happy that spring is on it’s way.

For the first time in months I want to create a deity painting and who better at this time of the year to feel the call from than the beautiful and loving Brid.

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In the end, as you can see, I decided to post a picture of my finished blessings board. In this photo it’s sat on my easel in the front room before I relocated it to my bedroom. It has a whole mix of images to represent the different things I’m grateful for in my life as well as single words and I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I was balking for quite a while at finishing this, I found it immensely hard to count my blessings when I wanted to wallow in self pity and just be down, but finishing it and hanging it has helped. The board is not just a reminder, it’s a dedication to my blessings, a visual affirmation of what I have in my life so that I can’t deny what I have when I’m on a downer.

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