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“The lagoon is deep and mysterious, offering answers or just a way to lose yourself…”

Lagoon is an original acrylic abstract painting on canvas measuring 20 x 16 x 0.7 inches. To me it feels like a lagoon of swirling colours, deep blues mixing with greens while the light dances in white on it’s surface, creating shapes and movement even in the still. It has been signed on both the front and back.

This original acrylic painting is available to buy from my website.

Various prints of this painting are also available from my Redbubble store


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It’s been a long, cold winter this last one past and as a result too cold to really use my studio space. I’m hoping to insulate it this summer so it shouldn’t be as much of an issue next year but this year it became a bit of a dumping ground for things that I needed to clear out. We’ve had some sunshine this week and the air has been warmer. Spring is a wonderful time to have a clean and clear out so when the spring cleaning bug hit I jumped at the chance.

As you can see before hand it was a mess of WiPs and junk, much of which I needed to throw out; old materials I have no use for and general rubbish, especially leaves that had blown in from the garden.

I was expecting the studio to take far longer than it actually did to clean. I have been trying to do fifteen minute clear outs this spring to keep the effort short and sweet before taking a quick break and continuing. There were also a few bags of materials I had been using over the winter in the house that needed to be put away in there. Here’s the result:

It’s light, uncluttered and inspiring once again! The plan over summer is to insulate the walls with panels and insulation fibre, then paint the white so that light will carry around it better, both natural and from my lamp. I’m so happy to have my creative area back ready for the warmer, brighter weather and all of the inspiration it will bring.

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A little more experimental stuff in my pocket Moleskine journal which is fast becoming a playground for abstract watercolour and ink pages. I absolutely adore working in it; the size and paper quality is just perfect for me which goes a long way to getting me picking it up again and again to keep playing in it.

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I do not practice ‘traditional’ drawing enough, that’s a fact. I am trying to do so more in various ways, particularly with pencils, which I dislike using compared to charcoal. It happened that my son wanted to have some art time, he specifically wanted to draw with me and so I took the opportunity to use a pencil for the first time in ages, since he was using one as well.

I began sketching a felted coaster I had on the coffee table while he drew his Lego mini-figures. He then asked me to draw some of his mini-figure things too and opted for the helmet and katana accessories he had to hand since he is currently a huge fan of Lego Ninjago.

I’m actually quite surprised at how well they came out given that I haven’t practiced this kind of drawing in so long. It was a good exercise and one that I hope to repeat to continue improving my drawing skills.

Are there things that you’ve gotten out of practice with that you used to do a lot of? Why not challenge yourself to take them up again for a little while?

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Happy New Year

Here’s hoping that you all have an amazing, productive and happy New Year full of love, light and laughter!


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I have a strange kind of love/hate affair with branded sketchbooks. I really enjoy creating my own journals and sketchbooks but I usually have one branded sketchbook on the go at once and it is, more often than not, a Moleskine because I love the paper and feel of the books. Of late my mini (pocket sized) Moleskine sketchbook has been a watercolour playground where I can really let loose with colour and ink to see what comes of it as well as keeping me creating outside of my ‘studio time’. This book has really helped to reignite my passion for watercolours and different techniques and effects that can be created with them to translate in the future into new full paintings.

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ATC 10

ATC (10) ~ Watercolour, ink

These small works of art (artist trading cards) will all be available to buy from my website or through a message to my Facebook page. There is only one of each of these cards as each piece is created intuitively by hand in various mixed media.

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