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Everyone has at least one passion in life, those things that excite and motivate you and that bring you joy and happiness to do. I find that most if not all of the time that I find myself blocked creatively it’s because I have lost connection with my passion.

I love arts and crafts but there’s a difference between enjoying an activity and finding passion in one. It’s my view that it’s the ones that you have passion for that are the really important things in your life.

Since the move I’ve been blocked and my mind has been a bit of a mess of ideas and thoughts. I’ve been drifting away from my passions favouring to invest my time in activities that I enjoy and think I should be doing and all that’s done is solidify those blocks even further.

So today I used my art journal to work through the question what am I passionate about? With surprising results. Doing so has clarified a few things for me and guided me to redirect my efforts and goals. But how do you find your passions?

I think about all the activities I’m doing, enjoy, interested in and that I put my time into for whatever reason and for each one I take a look at how that activity makes me feel. Do I just enjoy it at certain times? Do I find myself wanting to do it above anything else? When I do the activity or think about the thing do I find myself happy, motivated, full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm or do I feel cold, uninspired or like it’s something I should be doing rather than something I really want to do?

Find your passions and follow them!

They bring you joy and peace, they nourish your soul.

They’re what you’re born to do.

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That’s right, I made a bonafide vlog about why I art journal. There has been an awful lot of radio silence my end both on my youtube channel and here around and following the move and all the stressful stuff that has been going on in other areas of my life. Things have finally begun to settle down and what better way to celebrate than by pushing my boundaries a little bit more and actually videoing me talking rather than just my hands showing something off?

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Three weeks into having my Midori Traveler’s Notebook and I absolutely love it. I made a quick video taking a look at my set up and talking about what I use it for…

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spiritual wishes banner

The final wishes page in my art journal is the spiritual wishes. I would have posted it at the end of last week but I had an almighty headache on Friday which I think was a combination of over doing it in the week and the energy of the eclipse since my headache was solely focused on my third eye at least at first.

I spent a lot of time and energy cleansing the house last week, putting out offerings for the house spirits and refreshing the energy room by room and over the whole property. With it I felt a renewed connection to this place and in particular my altar space in my bedroom where I meditate and work with my chakra cards.

I had been finding it hard to meditate recently, I’m not sure why but getting beyond my thoughts to a place of peace had become more and more difficult until last night. It was the first time I had attempted it since the cleansing and it just clicked into place for me. I think a big part of that was my altar (and therefore my sacred space), having gotten it to a place where the energy there felt fresh and balanced for me.

spiritual wishes

I wish…

1… to understand my path and where I’m headed.

2… to practice my faith more

3… to trust my intuition all of the time and without hesitation

4… to meditate regularly

5… to heal myself and my home regularly… it’s important!

6… to have more people around me that I connect with spiritually

7… to fully accept my psychic gifts and all they bring

8… to follow my heart

9… to not allow others to make me doubt my faith

10… to understand the lessons of my past lives.

Finding spiritual balance is important to me. I believe, and have found this myself, that our spiritual and creative lives are closely entwined. When one is lacking so is the other but together they thrive.

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career wishes banner

I’ve never really thought of myself as a career woman. I think it may be because of the way I interpret the word career, it has these unfortunate connotations of work obsessed, putting work before all else and something you have to pursue at the detriment of other things such as a family life. I’m not sure why the word has that feel for me but it has been something that has been hard to shake.

Then a couple of years ago I decided that what I really wanted to do was have my own business creating art and working with healing. In following my passions I suddenly had a career as a self employed intuitive artist and healer and had to try to juggle it around being a single mum while still holding the values and wishes for my family life that are important to me; first and foremost that I am able to work around my children and their needs growing up rather than fit them around my work.

career wishes

I wish…

1… to make ‘enough’

2… for my business to be a success

3… to publish my novel

4… to help people through healing

5… to reach my dreams

6… to feel confident in my ability to run my business

7… to procrastinate less

8… to be more productive and reap the rewards of that productivity

9… to reach my goals for the month

10… to reach my goals for the year.

Having a career doesn’t have to be something you choose over the other things you want in your life. It’s not something you have to give up in order to have those other things. Sometimes in order to have everything we have to tweak some things or change direction slightly but I do believe that there is always a way forward that helps us achieve all that we want in life, even if the progress is slow and the road rough.

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creativity wishes banner

Looking over my journal pages so far I’ve noticed I’m referring to my wishes in the past tense, as though the possibility of realising them is not there; the chance of them happening long gone. It’s a terribly negative way to make wishes so I’m making a real effort from here on to refer to them in present/future tense. It’s a small change but a positive one, I feel, just as when making affirmations you need to be mindful of how you phrase them. Apparently talking about my wishes is a very similar thing.

I have been working a lot with trying to balance my creativity and get to a point where I have confidence in my creations. It’s been a long hard progress helped along by a few people who have been wonderfully supportive and nurturing towards my creative ambitions. I can’t thank those people enough for their kind words and encouragement even when I haven’t believed in myself.

creativity wishes

I wish…

1… to create more freely and without fear.

2… to help others with my art.

3… to create every day

4… to have more confidence in my art

5… to sell more of my creations

6… to create what I want rather than what I feel I have to

7… to grow and improve

8… to accept even the bad creations

9… to spend more time nourishing my creativity

10… to love my art guilt free.

They certainly feel more positive written this way to me. Creativity is such a huge part of my life, it always has been and it has taken me years to get past all of the blocks I have had that left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough and that my creativity wasn’t valid. I still have a long way to go but one thing I do know now, that applies not just to my art but to everyone’s art, is that it is valid.

Creativity is an expression of how a person¬†sees and experiences the world. When it comes from the soul it’s playful, experimental and brings happiness to our inner selves.

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