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Another set of pages from my travel journals; playing around with my current style predominantly in watercolour and ink as well as a little gesso on the double page spread.

My travel journals have become a vital place of exploration and discovery in my practice.


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I am so close to finishing this personal journal that I started way back in 2013. It has been a mixture of journaling through my moods, both good and bad, to a place to experiment away from the pressure of ‘getting it right’. I try not to judge anything that surfaces in this particular journal, whether it be thoughts or images, many of which are ugly to my view but very important to my practice.

Lately, while I have still been journaling more traditionally in it, I have noticed abstracts really coming through again and helping to steer me back towards my passion and interest as an artist. It may not look like much but these pages are super important to the development of both my practice as an artist and my personal development and growth.

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It’s not just my blog that hasn’t had much love lately, my youtube channel has also been a little lacking in content. Time to remedy that with a look at my travel art kit for when I want to do some art on the go or while watching TV…

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