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This set focuses on painting with other utensils than brushes to create different, interesting textures and marks. The first two were painted intuitively direct onto acrylic paper, in acrylic with a palette knife. The third (the purpley one) was painted in the same way using an old spoon and plastic fork rather than a palette knife:

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Three primary colour experiments; one with all three primary colours using soft blending (acrylic on paper), one blending intuitive shapes in two primary colours (acrylic on canvas) and one using transparent layers of the primary colours built up and blended (watercolour and masking fluid on paper). The blue/green/yellow one is my favourite; I see a dog/wolf head in it. Which one do you like best and what do you see?

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I went a little crazy with these ones as they play with one of my favourite things; mark making.  I used a mixture of brushes and old credit cards to smear the paint over the paper and then randomly scratched into the paint with different objects. The last two were made using the same colours only varying the layers working from light to dark paint layers in the first and then dark to light in the second:

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The idea behind this set was to play with both intuitive shapes and oil pastel as well as acrylic paint. Thin washes were used over oil pastel scribbling then thick areas of paint were added to solidify the composition all in slightly different ways playing with line, blended shapes (the first two) and finally bold areas of shape set out in pure colours:

I love how the oil pastel comes through the paint offering subtle changes in texture and interest thanks to the resistance it has. Which one is your favourite and why?

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Playing with ‘harder’ geometric shapes is something I don’t do very often. Naturally I tend to work with curves and flowing movement so for this set I tried to push myself to experiment with squares and rectangles. Two played with the same composition in separate studies where as the third layered and overlapped the shapes to create the composition:

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“At the root of the chaos of life is a place of calm connecting all things, it is the orange-red ball.”

I spent many years training as a Chios Healer and Master Teacher, which is a relatively new system of energy healing. One of the basic meditational symbols for finding peace and connection to the Universe through this system is that of the orange-red ball. It has become a symbol of calm for me, like a shield to the craziness going on all around me. Do you feel what it is to be the orange-red ball?

Orange-Red Ball is a small original acrylic painting on canvas measuring 5 x 7 x 0.7 inches with unpainted white edges and would be ideal stood on or hung in an altar, shrine or in a meditational space. It features a smooth, flat orange-red ball surrounded by heavy textured blue acrylic, black spirals and tendrils and silver highlights to the background. It has been signed on both the front and back.

This painting is now available to buy from either my website or my Etsy store. Prints are also available from my Redbubble store.

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“When water has something to say, it waves.”

Wave is an energetic water inspired painting. I love listening to the sea and watching each wave as it forms and crashes into shore. Sometimes it whispers but the day I painted Wave it shouted with a voice of texture, foam and layers of different tones and colours. Do you hear it’s voice? It is one that is easy to get lost in.

Wave is an original acrylic painting on a deep edged canvas measuring 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches with unpainted white edges, full of different marks, texture, depth of colour and layers.

It is now available to buy from my website or my Etsy store so please stop by for more pictures and information. Prints are also available from my Redbubble shop.

Thank you!

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