I was out and about in town and wanted to do something different in my Traveller’s Notebook. I ended up creating an ink sketch which I call a ‘collage’ sketch as it has lots of different random elements all flung in together. I then coloured it at a later date at home:


More travel journal play from my pocket Moleskine and A5 journal.

Journaling Spots

I’ve wanted to create some downloadable material for my website for a while now. Inspiration hit with one of my mini Moleskine pages and I created this sheet of printable journaling spots, which I hope to offer for sale in a bundle of sheets different sizes and colours.

This is how the first sheet looks when printed out:


Details of how to buy these will be posted once the other sizes in the bundle are available!


It’s a wonderful feeling to completely fill a journal, particularly one that you started back in 2013. These are the last few pages of abstract play:

Available plain as pictured or with a custom, personalised message on the front, these art print cards are now available to order from my website. They are printed on 220 gsm canvas paper and mounted on a 300 gsm A6 white card. Each one comes with a matching white envelope and a sprinkle of card confetti for that extra special touch.

TN Corner Doodle

A corner doodle in my regular size Midori Traveller’s Notebook, created over a couple of drawing sessions while out and about. First just lined and later filled out with black ink.

Having spent so long lately using my travel journals and art kit it’s been a while since I really played in my studio journals/sketchbooks. I’ve been making a concerted effort to fill all of my started books including my dedicated studio ones.

When I paint I’ve been adding media to these pages to both use up existing paint so it doesn’t go to waste and create some interesting experiments in mark making, shape, colour and composition: