I’ve been interested in the direction of the eye lately, particularly with windows and areas in an image that draw the vision. This page feels chaotic to me bit with the piece of a single spot that I want to sink into. Brush felt tip pen over watercolour.


street quick sketch 4.5.2018

A stylised street sketch on a quick coffee break, 10 -15 minutes, ink and watercolour.

pink abstract 4.5.2018

I’ve been working a lot in my sketchbooks lately, filling them while out and about and just having fun playing with paint, ink and, in some cases, mixed media. I thought I would share some of the pages.

First is this page, ink over watercolour, which has taken on a map like quality to it, which I find interesting.


Flower Mandala

Straight from my Midori Passport Size TN another flower mandala doodle created over different moments having coffee when I had a little time to add to it:


Some small ones from my spiritual journal this time, a floral triquetra and floral pentacle:

Geometric Tulips

Something a little different with this doodle; a little bit of colour and a lot of geometric shapes in the background, a fair bit of experimenting and a pinch of ‘does this work’?


Another coffee morning doodle play. Flowers are a current theme for me right now with a lot of my art work, even the doodling kind: