The backgrounds for the spirit suit of my oracle cards project:

The backgrounds for the water suit of my oracle cards project:

The backgrounds for the fire suit of my oracle cards project:

The backgrounds for the air suit of my oracle cards project:

I have been working in my spiritual journal a lot over the last few months and while doing so I became very inspired to create my own deck of oracle cards based on the five elements. They are going to be painted intuitively in watercolour, gouache and ink with five suits and five cards within each suit. I have no idea what the pictures will be for them; I want them to grow organically as I work, starting with laying down backgrounds for each suit. First we have the earth backgrounds:

Three primary colour experiments; one with all three primary colours using soft blending (acrylic on paper), one blending intuitive shapes in two primary colours (acrylic on canvas) and one using transparent layers of the primary colours built up and blended (watercolour and masking fluid on paper). The blue/green/yellow one is my favourite; I see a dog/wolf head in it. Which one do you like best and what do you see?

I went a little crazy with these ones as they play with one of my favourite things; mark making.  I used a mixture of brushes and old credit cards to smear the paint over the paper and then randomly scratched into the paint with different objects. The last two were made using the same colours only varying the layers working from light to dark paint layers in the first and then dark to light in the second: