jan challenge 16

I had been cleaning my brush on this gesso’d page and it became this really beautiful layering of blues and purples. Rather than cover it or turn it into something else a rough black line frame was really all that was needed.



jan challenge 15

Gesso, watercolours and layers of scrap paper were built up into thick, texturised areas on day 15. I wanted to add something over the top but I didn’t know what, eventually it became these pretty, loose lines in a purplish pink hue using an inktense pencil that I also activated with water to soften and even it out a little more.

jan challenge 14

Day 14’s page began blue, then as though it was going to turn floral only for greens and greys to come into play to create a payne’s grey without the payne’s grey added that now reminds me of the stone labradorite. An odd mix and progression, a prime example of how work becomes what it is not what I intend to make it. I love this page in all it’s oddness and all of the imperfections I see in the blending, brush strokes and the scratch in the pain. It has character and I like that.

jan challenge 13

Watercolour, ink, highlighters, gesso and stencils in purples, greys and pinks! Day 13 was my birthday. My favourite part is actually the ‘brick’ stencilling in the background that I added using a pastel pink highlighter. It worked really well to give a more ghostly effect, even before gesso was added on top in some areas. I hadn’t thought about using highlighters much before in my sketchbook but these pastel ones have really been surprising me, they’re quite versatile and have been producing some interesting effects giving me something extra to play around with and investigate in the future.

jan challenge 12

My mind was going down a more muted route was far as palette was concerned, unusual for me given my love of colour and vibrancy, but necessary. The page began as a place for me to empty out the black ink from my fountain pen and grew from there with circles, watercolour and pastel highlighters. Turns out that muted colours don’t have to be boring.


jan challenge 11

I used my page for day 11 to investigate how the different Faber-Castell Gelatos I have dissolve and react after noticing the other day that the blue didn’t seem to blend as nicely as the yellow. I have a pink one also that seems to have gone wandering somewhere but they do indeed blend differently. The blue pigmented one seems to be less soluble, which explains why it didn’t seem to blend as nicely as I had hoped it would in an earlier sketchbook page.

jan challenge 10

I had meant to do more for this one but once the watercolour background was laid down and had dried I got waylaid with other things going on. It is beautiful though and one that I suspect I will go back to and work on some more to create a fuller piece, there’s just something about it that appeals and inspires me to add to it.