jan challenge 3

After spending some time drawing this morning the last thing I wanted to do for my sketchbook page for today was more drawing, it just didn’t appeal and I wanted to play around with something I rarely touch on; collage/scrapbooking mixed media art, so that’s what I did using scrap papers and random supplies that felt appealing at the time.


Jan Challenge 2

I had more time for this page, or rather I made more time after being disappointed with not getting as much done yesterday on my first page. I still didn’t spend that long on it, no more than an hour at the very maximum, but I am pleased with what I created in that time.

Yellow and blue watersoluble crayons had a mix up on the page and then felt pen drawing went on top following some of the lines and patterns that came from the original mix up.


First up on my sketchbooks to use up list is a sadly forgotten, started and loved black hard bound A5 sketchbook by Winsor & Newton that I started way back 2014 (I knew dating my old drawings would come in useful some day). I had used bout a third of the sketchbook up and then stopped though I have no idea why; I actually like a lot of the old work that’s in there. Anyways, onto day one.

Jan Challenge 1

I started the page quite late into the evening and decided I would see what I could get done in it before I was pulled away. In the end the time I had was not as long as I would have liked but I did get some colour down even if the sketching over the top didn’t happen.

One of my goals for 2019 is to complete a challenge. Nothing big or crazy, maybe just for a month or so and something that will benefit my health and well being, particularly emotionally which was a struggle for me last year. The biggest problem was that no existing challenges (and there are a lot this time of the year) really felt right for me. I started looking around me for inspiration, journaling and thinking on it in the run up and trying to keep in line with the more minimalist way of thinking that I have been gradually slipping into.

I realised I have a lot of sketchbooks, new ones, handmade ones and started ones, much to my chagrin. When I say a lot I do mean a lot… I have, over the years, had a slight stationary addiction. Notebooks and sketchbooks have always been my downfall, I think because of the sheer amount of possibility they hold for me creatively. New sketchbooks and notebooks feel good. The thing is, I don’t need that many sketchbooks and I have woefully fallen out of the habit of really keeping a proper sketchbook like I used to which saddens me. To combat this the idea came to me that over the course of 2019 I intend to fill all of the books I currently have sitting around in my studio, both new and already started.

So how do I plan to do this? Why, with a page a day!

The idea of the challenge, which I am going to try out for January is to fill a sketchbook page a day (or at least do something on one). The rules are simple:

  • No filling the page with writing (I could easily do this as I’m an avid journaler)
  • Any style, media etc goes
  • Start a new page every day
  • Once a day is over the page must be left as it is (full/finished or not)

How will it go? I have no idea, but I am excited to try it and reignite my interest and enjoyment for my sketchbook as a place to play.



It has been a while since I have created outside of my sketchbook. An old canvas, started, unloved and not wanting to be wasted found new life through a burst of inspiration. A fusion of new and old, hard and soft, nondescript and formed.

This painting will be available for sale in the near future.

Payne's Grey In Negative

Watercolour sketchbook experimentation; Payne’s Grey.

Grey Circles 2

Grey Circles 2

Watercolour and gesso sketchbook experimentation; circles and Payne’s Grey (part 2)