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So NaNo seems to be kicking my butt, progress is slow and I’m playing catch up but I did what I set out to do, which was to finish the first draft of my novel. Once I hit that goal I lost a lot of motivation to continue which set me back by a good few days.

Eventually though I began writing a short story called The Letter which I’ve really begun to enjoy. There’s no planning involved just free writing and the opportunity to enjoy all the random surprises the plot is taking with my main character Susan…

“Tea? What kind of a nightmare was this? Some might call it an adventure but to me it really was a nightmare. Bad enough that I had to change my routine but drink tea as well? Maybe it was a sick joke? 

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike tea I just don’t drink it, not since that day back in 2002 when Mum made me a cup and a moth flew into it. Sure it could have happened with any beverage but it didn’t, it happened with tea and now every time I see a cup I’m reminded of that moth, nose diving into the liquid and flapping about until it drowned, contaminating my drink with it’s moth germs. As you may have guessed, moths are also a big no-no for me.”


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And so it begins…well technically it began two days ago but hey, I’ve been busy writing!

I feel very positive about NaNo this year, perhaps because I am determined to meet my goal and I enjoy the story I’m working on. After last years apathy it’s a welcome relief, but then I’m not in the same place I was when November came round last year, I’m certainly in a happier frame of mind.

The novel I’m working on is one that I’ve been writing since the beginning of the year, a fantasy novel and the first of a planned trilogy. I don’t know, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here but that’s how I envision the story playing out; over the course of three books following two main characters, childhood friends who, after one disastrous incident in their village are forced into a situation that they are at odds in how to deal with. I don’t want to give too much away but there is plenty of mystery, intrigue, magic and adventure in store for the pair, with much of what occurs in the first book finding explanation and meaning in the second.

So how is it going? Well I’m just over the 5000 word mark now, though previously I have written about half of the story already. Of course I’m only counting my writing for November in the total. I admit that I’m thrilled and surprised at my progress so far, squeezing in writing time around the kidlets is not easy but I’ve shown myself that it is possible if I am determined to do it.

Will I be a ‘winner’ this year? Aside from making the 50000 total as long as I finish the first draft of my novel I will have done what I set out to do. The way things are going at the moment I think I could well do it, though anything could happen between now and the end of the month.

Are any of you out there doing NaNo? If so how is it going for you? I’m always happy to have new connections/buddies on the NaNo site so feel free to add me. My username there is Rhedyn and I have this thing for seeing the little blue bars in my buddy list fill up over the month… it’s both satisfying and motivating.

For now I’ll leave you with this, a small excerpt from this morning’s coffee shop scribbling:

“It’s not funny you know… Lore? Come back here and tell me what in Calcadia is going on!” Barely, just barely, she saw movement in the deep shadows of the passageway. A figure slowly edged closer and the glowing fungi in the chamber all but blinked their light into non-existence as two green slitted eyes peered out of the darkness at her.

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Today I scheduled myself some time to work on my novel in progress expecting to churn out some words and crack on with the story. It didn’t quite go as planned however as instead I took up papers, pastels and paints and began some character development instead, this is just a sneak peek at what I came up with, the face needing to dry before I attempt any features (and pray while I’m doing it that it doesn’t go terribly, terribly wrong).



Playing around randomly with the media not only let me get down the very general points about her that I wanted to convey but also brought up a new one as the paper tore and clumped over one side of her face and she expressed a desire to be distinguished with a rather prominent scar that runs through her eyebrow and down her cheek; a deep line fractured by the position of her eye.

Obviously she is not yet finished but I made good progress and most importantly really connected with the character which has given me a whole lot to add both to what I’ve already written and what is to come 😉

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It may be small, it may be rusty,

It’s been used and lost and rarely cherished.

Recently reclaimed, ready to be gifted,

If you promise not to squander it.

Love it, keep it, protect it, use it

And it will be yours for as long as you want it.

There are no second chances when it comes to my heart.

Break it and it will hold the scars forever,

Nurture it and it will open and bloom just for you.


This charm and poem really came as a way for me to take control again after my depression and the way it made me feel this time round. It was hard going and I found myself grieving deeply for things I hadn’t even lost yet. Strangely I read my star forecast on a site that I use for this last month and it was uncanny the predictions that it made and the dates into which they fell. It pretty much gave me an overview of what has happened in my personal life this last month and I am very glad I did not read it prior to it happening. I often do that, read horoscope predictions from places I trust after the time they cover has passed to see how, if at all, they related to my life. Anyway, I’m heading off topic again. This charm, the time and energy I put into it and the words it made me feel as I made it were empowering, an affirmation that I am special and deserve the best, something that I all too easily forget in my tendency to put everyone else and their needs before myself. Hopefully you can all relate to it and see that it applies as much to each and every person as it does to me. Perhaps the hardest thing though, is learning to love yourself and cherish your heart because if you can’t see the worth there and cherish it how can anyone else?

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I spent some time with Ma’at yesterday evening. It seemed only right with her cross stitch being finished and a growing reluctance inside of me to part with her after so long. I believe it is because we still have unfinished business, I guess we always will. She has helped me through some tough times and helped me to make some tough decisions. I know that some of the toughest are yet to come and I think tonight I have been able to make peace with that knowledge.

And so this evening I have dedicated some time to her, to creating her a page in by Book after asking her to inspire me, to teach me about herself. If I’m honest it scares me some, how she forces us to see the truth around us and within us but living the truth is better than living a lie surely? We need it to learn and grow and love in our own way, we need it to find love, happiness and fulfilment in life. This is what she teaches me tonight. That and the fact that you can’t make other people’s decisions for them, no matter what you may want them to be. Ultimately we must answer to ourselves for them and while that may not seem like a big deal it is the biggest in the end.

I wrote this for her last night:

Goddess proud with wings spread high

Scales in hand and piercing eye,

You see into the depths of our soul

Judgement’s burden heavy with woe.

Fierce and stable, Karma’s friend

Sure and determined you see our end.

Power yielded through the ages

Steeped in centuries of written pages,

Decisions, judgements, light as your feather,

Heavy hearts whose time is severed.

“Trust in love, the good and righteous

Act on pure thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

Love, respect and cherish all around you,

Make your decisions clearly and the rest will follow.”

Your words are true and powerfully spoken,

But how hard they can be to hear and act on.

Guide me, keep me, bless me daily,

With your wisdom, strength and clarity.

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Faery Dances

Down the winding garden path

In between the heather

Amid the fresh new growing grass

The faeries bring spring weather.

They dance and sing to their delight

To the beat of mother nature

Of restful nights and vibrant days

They leap and soar together.


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