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jan challenge 10

I had meant to do more for this one but once the watercolour background was laid down and had dried I got waylaid with other things going on. It is beautiful though and one that I suspect I will go back to and work on some more to create a fuller piece, there’s just something about it that appeals and inspires me to add to it.


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jan challenge 9

I wanted a rainbow and scribbles, so that is what was delivered on day 9. Inktense pencils with varying degrees of attempts to blend.

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jan challenge 8

I had five minutes to doodle on day 8, it wasn’t going to be a flower as I tend to gravitate towards them in general but it turned into one. I like the loopy vines that turned up on the page with this one. I will have to play around with incorporating them in more things.

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jan challenge 7

My brain power was at a low on day 7. It translated into this play with angular patterns, pen and a little paint which was laid out as the base layer from previous days when I used the empty page to clean my brushes.

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jan challenge 6

Day 6 was heavy on the layers and textures. Paper, gesso, watercolour, pencil and pen went into multiple layers that I added to throughout the day when I had a few minutes here and there to do so. It worked out really well just stopping by to revisit this page when I could as each layer had time to dry and every time I revisited it I had a fresher look and perspective to apply.

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jan challenge 5

A simple black/white/grey drawing for page number 5, inspired by one of the hagstones I have in my collection. This one is particularly inspiring and reminds me, with it’s cratered surface of multiple holes, of the moon. I had little time to spend but sometimes a little goes a long way.

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jan challenge 4

Back to painting layers for day four. Watercolours, stencilling, gesso and a whole lot of ‘let’s see what happens’, oh, and a dash of payne’s grey here and there. The way the grey dulls and dirties the otherwise vibrant colours and enhances the stencilling is incredibly interesting to me and my favourite part of this page.

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