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A while back over winter I moved my altar space from the studio up to my bedroom as I missed seeing and using it while it was so cold outside. For a while it took up over half of my desk space and kept creeping further over which was… problematic. To remedy this I found a great little corner shelving set to hold everything. It has worked perfectly but it was time for a proper clean out and cleanse of the whole area.

It always amazes me how much of a connection I forge with my spaces when I really take everything down, clean it, cleanse it with my favourite incense and dedicate it in the process of setting it up again, to my spirituality and practice:

altar set up April 6

Most of the things I had are in the same places, though the buddha statue was a new addition, moved from elsewhere in the house, as were the flower lights that had been up in my studio. They’re wonderful soft light is nice to have there when I don’t necessarily want to light all or any of my candles. A treat of a glass of wine sealed the deal and it is once again a connected place for me. The only thing that’s missing in this picture are my crystals which are currently being cleaned and cleansed before they are added to the space again.


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It took me a while to get back on track but continuing on from my Oracle Card project started earlier in the year I have finished all of the earth cards now. The second one is MOUNTAIN.

Oracle Card Mountain

Keywords: Challenge, secrets, reward, difficulty, personal discovery, appreciation.

Thoughts: The MOUNTAIN stands tall and proud, connecting the rich earth and moving sky while keeping it’s own secrets close and hidden to share only with those who prove themselves worthy. To climb the MOUNTAIN or conquer the depths of it’s bowels is no easy task but MOUNTAIN grants great reward to those willing to try. There will be challenges but the view at the end and the payoff of self discovery will be worth it.

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The first of the oracle cards, intuitively painted in watercolour and ink from meditating on and connecting with one of the backgrounds was TREE; one of the earth cards.145mggz

Keywords: Strength, security, grounded, protection, gateway, watchful, guardian, truth, knowledge.

Thoughts: Deep within the bowels of the tree, beneath layers of bark and wood lies a path to the hidden self and wisdom of the Universe. TREE is both the guardian and the gateway to self discovery. Know that any steps of exploration that are taken through the hidden doorway in the trunk are taken with support, protection and under the watchful eye of TREE’s spirit. No harm will come to you on this journey and only truth will answer your questions.

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The backgrounds for the spirit suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the water suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the fire suit of my oracle cards project:

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The backgrounds for the air suit of my oracle cards project:

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