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A quick ink sketch on the go at an event at one of our local parks using my black, uni-ball eye micro pen.


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street quick sketch 4.5.2018

A stylised street sketch on a quick coffee break, 10 -15 minutes, ink and watercolour.

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Time away from the kidlets with my art kit meant that I had time to take a walk, do some doodles and a speed sketch on a solo visit to a park in Maidstone… I only allow myself a couple of minutes for the speed sketches to help me to let go of perfectionism and just get a very quick basic drawing down.

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This quick sketch was an intuitive one done with my soft pastels. I love what formed on the page, it feels like a fire spirit of some kind to me. What do you think?

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Water Witch

10 minute play around with my new soft pastels.

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Ten minute sketch in drawing inks and chalk pencils.

I mentioned in a previous post somewhere that I wanted to start doing more sketching hopefully on a daily basis and in a quick manner as I find this to be very freeing creatively. I love working sketches this way as it stops me over thinking what I’m doing and obsessing over how it looks rather than just expressing what I’m seeing and feeling from whatever it is I’m sketching. This is the first in this experimentation/practice that I’m hoping to set up.

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