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Travel Altar Part 2 1

Now for a look at what I keep in the up-cycled travel altar. I try to keep what I carry in it to a minimum so there is room to put in extra items I may find while out and about. Everything in there has a purpose and they are items I have collected over the years and like to have close by to remind me of my journey so far.

Travel Altar Part 2 2

In the first compartment I like to keep a small notebook, pen, matches and a felted dread given to me by a friend a couple of years ago.

The middle compartment holds a felted bag in which I keep a pentagram altar cloth for when I want and need a larger space set up, a mini besom, wand (and felt holder for the wand) a pebble I painted with a pentagram flower design and small bag to keep it in along with a couple of biodegradable, herbal offering stones.

The third compartment has a couple more bags of stuff; a black velvet pentagram bag where I keep a small glass offering bowl, tealight, fox statue I made out of clay, a small jar of herb infused salt and a vial of anointing oil. I also keep a mojo bag that I made a while back with my mala beads, quartz point, citrine and the first hagstone I ever found (and have had for around 15 years). When I’m travelling or taking the altar out I also add in any extra crystals I feel I might need from my collection along with a cage pendant so I can wear them.


I hope you all enjoyed the look into this project and what I keep in my travel altar. I would love to see what you keep in yours if you have one so feel free to comment with a link to yours if you would like to share!



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Having moved a large amount of furniture around of late, created a new studio space and spiritual den and rearranged the look, feel and surface used for my main altar space I found that I wanted and needed a small travel altar that I could move easily and set up around the house, take with me when travelling and use on the go.

While I love the idea of having something very small I knew that for what I needed for use at home and away I would need something larger but still relatively compact and light weight. During my sort out I found a stationary set that I barely used but had purchased a couple of years ago on our family trip to Disneyland Paris. Needless to say, inspiration struck:

Altar Project 1

I thought this pencil case and set was super cute when I brought it; I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, the design and colours are very me and it ties in with the bookmark I use in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook on a day to day planner. Once I had decided to use it I knew just what I wanted to do. The first thing was to open it up and remove the cardboard parts that had all the elastics on for holding the pens, pencils and stationary in the three compartments:

The problem with this was that it took away a lot of the stiff structure to the case, though with my plans for it that wasn’t too much of an issue. I used the dark purple insert as a template to cut out pretty cardstock from this Wild Flower, 200gsm cardstock I found and loved a few months ago:

Having picked out three of my favourite sheets and making sure they were different so that I would have different patterned surfaced to work with according to my mood I cut out the replacement inserts and glued them into the case:

Altar Project 7

Using the 200gsm cardstock had an added advantage to the structure of the finished case in that I could open any compartment and stand it upright to use the coloured surfaces as working altars. This was enhanced once I had added my tools, crystals and items to weigh the areas down though even without the added weight, as you can see below, it held itself open very securely so that wherever I am the altar space is easy to set up and very sturdy. Here you can see the three designs I chose for the compartments that I can use as backdrops for my travel altar:

I’m really happy with how this project turned out and have found myself using the space a lot, particularly in my studio on my desk. Which paper design is your favourite?

I have been so inspired, in fact, that I am working on using these papers to create small travel altars for sale out of match boxes (both large and small) which I will post about once I have finished them.

Coming Up In Part 2:

See what tools and items I have in my travel altar for witchy goings on out and about, how I set the travel altar up and how it has been working for me so far.

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Desk altar 1

My main altar shrine space in my house is full of colour, crystals, candles and things that I find inspiring reminders of my spirituality. For my desk altar I wanted something cleaner, purer and simpler since my studio space and desk itself gets cluttered enough already.

Desk altar 2

It took a couple of sessions with the gouache paints but I’m pleased with how it turned out in the end. Simple knotwork with just a little blending of two tones of purple and green (my two favourite colours).

Desk altar 3

And here it is with a few bits on it. The candles were a sale find in Sainsbury’s from their winter collection, a hagstone, crystal, seed pod and a small glass bowl complete the set up. I like to have a candle on each side of my altars/shrines which is why I only painted the central area of the back.

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desk altar 1

For a while now I’ve been on the look out for a small surface to use as an altar/shrine on my desk in my studio to no avail. Finding something that fit what I wanted was proving to be a difficult and frustrating task. As often is the case when this happens I asked the Universe for a little help and this is what I found.

The white box (pictured above) was in the sale in TK Maxx.

desk altar 2

It was the perfect size for my desk space and had a hinged lid for storing some candles, crystals and trinkets but it needed some work. I didn’t like the three dimensional rose motif on it which was broken anyway, hence it being in the sale:

desk altar 3

The rest of the box thought was just right. I’m not normally a person that revamps or upcycles furniture but I couldn’t resist this gift and for an altar space I decided I was willing to put in the time and effort.

desk altar 4

It turned out that the rose motif wasn’t just stuck on with glue as I originally thought but pinned in. Once off I had to snip the remaining metal prongs that I couldn’t pull out, sand the rough edges down and then use a filling paste to even out the area for several coats of white primer as I want to paint my own spiritual motifs on the back board.

desk altar 5

Not too bad for a first time try and ready for decoration. Now that we have moved house and settled I can finally pick the project back up again. I know exactly what I want on it but that will come in part 2.

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EPSON MFP imageIt has been a long time since I blogged on a more personal level but I find myself returning to it this week. First and foremost I wanted to wish all who celebrate it a Happy Imbolc, or if you would rather a Happy Candlemass.

For me this time of the year is about the change in the seasons and growing light and warmth that will bring fresh life and new growth to the earth.

The last few months have been tiring and hard. This winter has brought a lot of death and change. So many inspirational people have passed on to the other side in this last month alone, both celebrity deaths that we have all heard about and in my personal life. People who have touched my life or the lives of my children and other family members, even friends. These inspirational people are lights in our lives just as we are lights in the lives of others.

As tempting as it is to wallow in all that winter has taken away it’s important to look forward to the new growth, beauty and inspirations waiting to fill the holes we are currently left with. Whether you are pagan or not I think it’s worth remembering that spring is a time of new things coming into our lives and of taking those first baby steps forward after the long rest of winter. If you never take a step then you will always remain where you are.

During Imbolc I light the way for myself with the soft warmth and invigorating energy of fire. It nurtures and inspires, warms my soul and makes me feel good in my heart.

Enjoy the change and be grateful for the inspirational lights you have in your life both active and those gone whose lessons we remember fondly. Sometimes it is only when they are gone that we realise the true extent of all they did for us in life. They are here to teach us and help us to grow just as the sun warms the earth and encourages nature to reach it’s full potential.


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I love hagstones.

I always feel very blessed when I discover them and that usually happens when I’m stressed or worried about something and I go for a meditative walk on the pebble beach where I live. They’ve always been very powerful symbols of my faith, ever since I found my first one and my guides told me how the hole straight through opens a window to the unseen and, in much the same way, the solutions to our problems.

I like to roll up the pieces of paper for my worry jar and slot them through a hagstone before putting them in, charging the stone with my need for a solution to a particular problem. Once the issue is resolved I take the bundle from the jar, burn the paper and cleanse the stone though I never use the stone for another worry. It goes with my collection and occasionally gets turned into a necklace for myself, another or to sell.

For me, hagstones are very special gifts from spirit, given at a time when they are most needed as a reminder to have faith that the hurdles we face will be conquered and that there is always a solution even if it is invisible to us at first. We just have to have confidence that it will work out in the end and be open to the possibilities that come our way to make it so.

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blessed imbolc

Imbolc in my house was a lovely and quiet affair, just the way I like it. While we did nothing overly special my mind was definitely there and I felt that familiar gathering of energy around me. I’m basking in the residual effects today, feeling inspired and happy that spring is on it’s way.

For the first time in months I want to create a deity painting and who better at this time of the year to feel the call from than the beautiful and loving Brid.

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