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unusual still life

Unusual Still Life ~ Original Painting

Who says that still life paintings can’t be fun and colourful? The Unusual Still Life started as a still life experiment that became something of it’s own, a real insight into how I view things and the energy in everything.  A mix of colour, shape, form and marks, Unusual Still Life is painted on a 20 x 16 x 1/2 inch stretched canvas in acrylic and ink. It’s vibrant, busy and full of interest for the eye to latch onto and investigate. I’m constantly seeing new things within it from colour combinations to marks I enjoy.

I had a blast painting this. I actually hated how it looked right up until the end once I had added lots of layers over many sessions working on it. Now I think it has a strange sort of charm to it and areas that I particularly like for the combinations of colours in them.

For me, this was a brave painting, an experiment and one I have come to appreciate more than I thought I would.


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 Last week I began working on cards for my trip to London for the Pagan Federation London Conference on Saturday 27th June 2015. I had a great time making these little flower numbers, each one while similar in composition is different in colour and pattern and has either garnet, citrine, peridot or carnelian crystals on the wire spirals.

Of course, they wouldn’t be complete without matching origami envelopes to go with them, which fold flat with ribbon tied around them and open out to the boxes shown in the background. While I won’t be listing any of these online (unless they don’t sell at the market) they are available for sale. If you’re interested message me via my facebook page or website.

Next up, Tree Of Life cards using prints of my original painting.

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Another WiP finished or rather three really this time; Spring Flowers ~ Original paintings in watercolour, gouache and ink on watercolour paper. Available to buy from the shop on my website!


spring flowers crocus resized


spring flowers daffodils resized


spring flowers snowdrop resized

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This is just a quick note from an insanely busy week to say I’m finally on Instagram, I know right!? I’ve set up a latest pictures feed over on the right here —->

But of course if you’re on Instagram I would welcome the company. I’m still getting used to the place and finding my feet but I hope it to be a place where I can quickly and easily upload some interesting things.

So if you like my art, photography and way of thinking do stop by and say hi! Comments and likes are more than welcome as they are on my facebook page as well, it’s such a huge help for small businesses and artists like myself.

Big thank you’s in advance and I hope you have all had a very blessed week!

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Autumn Wind full edit watermarked

This is Autumn Wind, a painting that I recently finished inspired by the change of seasons.

It’s available to buy from my website shop and I’ll be adding in an option for prints and cards made with this image as well. So feel free to stop by and check out the store where I sell my pieces, the traffic is much appreciated whether you purchase anything or not.

I’m happy to post internationally, though I currently only have UK P+P prices listed. Please contact me through my website if you are outside the UK and I will calculate the postage costs for any item I have listed.

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nemorosa colour banner 3


I wanted to take this opportunity to advertise my art business Nemorosa Studio.

I’ve been working on this venture since September 2013 and ask only that, if you are inclined to do so, you check out my website and facebook page. Likes and activity on both are very much appreciated as I get my work out there and follow my dreams to make a living from art and healing.

My main website can be found here.

I have a few items for sale and also take commissions, so if there is something  you would like please let me know. As a standard I only have shipping within the UK listed though I’m happy to post internationally on request, again just ask and I will calculate the shipping costs. All the items I have listed on my website and etsy shop are ready to post the next working day after payment has been received.

My website also has a blog listed in the NEWS section where I post both what I am working on and completed items as well as general musings about what I have been up to and my inspirations.

If you are on facebook please check out the Nemorosa Studio facebook page and leave a like. All activity and shares on there are very much appreciated and I intend to run a competition for reaching 100 likes!

Thank you for reading and showing your support.


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