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Just a quick note to say that I have been updating my Redbubble Store with a variety of works now available to order in various print forms from wall art to stationery and household items. Not all of my work is available in all forms; if you see a piece you like check out what’s available for that work and think about ordering a unique and interesting print of one of my works.


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I’ve wanted to create some downloadable material for my website for a while now. Inspiration hit with one of my mini Moleskine pages and I created this sheet of printable journaling spots, which I hope to offer for sale in a bundle of sheets different sizes and colours.

This is how the first sheet looks when printed out:


Details of how to buy these will be posted once the other sizes in the bundle are available!

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Available plain as pictured or with a custom, personalised message on the front, these art print cards are now available to order from my website. They are printed on 220 gsm canvas paper and mounted on a 300 gsm A6 white card. Each one comes with a matching white envelope and a sprinkle of card confetti for that extra special touch.

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The next set of card designs I wanted to make are love themed, predominantly for Valentine’s day though also for use all year round with custom messages.

I created the watercolour backgrounds first, playing with the more ‘traditional’ reds and pinks as well as some other combinations of greens with pink/purples.

I then worked on each background with ink, gouache and combinations of the two according to what I felt fit the designs. I wanted to create a variation of styles and designs but with a common element to them so that, although very different to each other they also relate as part of a set. These are the raw scans which need to be edited and developed further into the finished card designs:

Which are your favourites?

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unusual still life

Unusual Still Life ~ Original Painting

Who says that still life paintings can’t be fun and colourful? The Unusual Still Life started as a still life experiment that became something of it’s own, a real insight into how I view things and the energy in everything.  A mix of colour, shape, form and marks, Unusual Still Life is painted on a 20 x 16 x 1/2 inch stretched canvas in acrylic and ink. It’s vibrant, busy and full of interest for the eye to latch onto and investigate. I’m constantly seeing new things within it from colour combinations to marks I enjoy.

I had a blast painting this. I actually hated how it looked right up until the end once I had added lots of layers over many sessions working on it. Now I think it has a strange sort of charm to it and areas that I particularly like for the combinations of colours in them.

For me, this was a brave painting, an experiment and one I have come to appreciate more than I thought I would.

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 Last week I began working on cards for my trip to London for the Pagan Federation London Conference on Saturday 27th June 2015. I had a great time making these little flower numbers, each one while similar in composition is different in colour and pattern and has either garnet, citrine, peridot or carnelian crystals on the wire spirals.

Of course, they wouldn’t be complete without matching origami envelopes to go with them, which fold flat with ribbon tied around them and open out to the boxes shown in the background. While I won’t be listing any of these online (unless they don’t sell at the market) they are available for sale. If you’re interested message me via my facebook page or website.

Next up, Tree Of Life cards using prints of my original painting.

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Another WiP finished or rather three really this time; Spring Flowers ~ Original paintings in watercolour, gouache and ink on watercolour paper. Available to buy from the shop on my website!


spring flowers crocus resized


spring flowers daffodils resized


spring flowers snowdrop resized

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