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It’s been a long, cold winter this last one past and as a result too cold to really use my studio space. I’m hoping to insulate it this summer so it shouldn’t be as much of an issue next year but this year it became a bit of a dumping ground for things that I needed to clear out. We’ve had some sunshine this week and the air has been warmer. Spring is a wonderful time to have a clean and clear out so when the spring cleaning bug hit I jumped at the chance.

As you can see before hand it was a mess of WiPs and junk, much of which I needed to throw out; old materials I have no use for and general rubbish, especially leaves that had blown in from the garden.

I was expecting the studio to take far longer than it actually did to clean. I have been trying to do fifteen minute clear outs this spring to keep the effort short and sweet before taking a quick break and continuing. There were also a few bags of materials I had been using over the winter in the house that needed to be put away in there. Here’s the result:

It’s light, uncluttered and inspiring once again! The plan over summer is to insulate the walls with panels and insulation fibre, then paint the white so that light will carry around it better, both natural and from my lamp. I’m so happy to have my creative area back ready for the warmer, brighter weather and all of the inspiration it will bring.


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Here’s hoping that 2017 is full of love, light, laughter and happiness for you all.


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I’ve been very busy lately with the kidlets and my business, much of the latter being getting some new card designs out there and just trying to drum up interest in my arts and crafts. Over Samhain my cards sold well which I’m really grateful for and I’ve been working on some designs for Yule and Christmas which are now available to buy through my eBay account. I will also happily make more of these for custom orders, here’s a peek of some of the ones I have listed:

033 034 026 025 016 009

A new painting is in progress, a seasonal holly piece that I’ll post more about once I’m finished. I’m also thinking about setting myself a daily sketch challenge to keep myself sketching from sight and drawing in general which is something I have been seriously slacking with lately.

Aside from that I have also been doing NaNoWriMo again this year which has kept me really busy this month. I’m nearly there though, around another 10K to go and I’ll be finished!

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The strawberry plants I planted out last year have been thriving this spring/summer. We picked our first four yesterday, sweet, plump and juicy…or so I would imagine. The kidlets scoffed them within seconds!

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This week has been one of those crazy busy ones, the type that feels non-stop, the sort that even when you’re asleep you’re busy and not resting.

With the school year coming to an end and the kids breaking up for the holidays next Wednesday there has been a lot on from summer fayres to talent shows, parent teacher consultations to sports days, it feels like the list is never ending this week at least.

It’s also been a scorcher, it always happens that way, we’ve spent ages hoping for warmer weather after such a long cold winter and spring but when it finally arrives it goes from one extreme to the other. As nice as it is to have the sun out and shining down I don’t appreciate being made to sweat so profusely from it’s heat I feel like I’m constantly sticky and damp!

Thanks to the sheer busy nature of this week I’ve gotten precious little done creatively, or so it seems to me.  I did get a nice bit of writing done earlier in the week but things have otherwise been lacking and I’ve been exhausted come the evenings.

Then it happened that on Thursday I was reminded of something I have been on and off thinking of doing for a long time; letting my hair dread. It reignited the urge in me to do it and I ended up starting them last night, just baby ones but they’re pretty nifty, if a little loose.



I have around 40 of them made using the twist and rip method which I will not let just develop naturally. Had I not been sure I would just brush my hair without thinking I would have tried going for all natural development from the off but I really needed them to have a helping hand. Of course they’re going to change and shrink as they mature but I’m kinda excited to see just how they will grow in my hair.

That’s about it for my week, I’m hoping for a bit more productivity next week, at least for the first half before the kids break up for summer!

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