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Having completed my work through of Journal Fodder 365 and still enjoying the activities in Wreck This Journal by Kerri Smith (I’m over half way through the book now) I decided to look into the other titles she has released and get another to play around with. Of all of them it was The Pocket Scavenger that really appealed to me so I snapped it up with the free Amazon voucher I was given a couple of weeks ago for completing a survey.

I thought it would be a fun thing to do both for me and the kids, particularly in the holidays when they are home and getting bored.


As soon as it came through I was impressed with the feel of the cover and  pages they’re nice and thick with easy to follow instructions to get you  started. There’s a list of things to scavenge and a checklist plus a double  page spread reserved for each item. Once you find something you turn the  book upside down and flick to a random page which will tell you a way to  alter the item. There’s also a section near the end of scavenging activities to do by yourself and with others.

So far so good, I’m enjoying the idea and will be working with it alongside Wreck This Journal. Full reviews on both will come once I’ve completed them, possible with a video to show how they end up, if  I’m feeling brave enough.



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In my last post I mentioned a larger project I had in mind for the me and the kids over summer, today I started making up the board for it, I call it the love board. Much like the blessings board and the dream board I made a few months back this is going to be a fun and visual board for all of us to display the things we love(d) and continue to enjoy them.

There were a couple of triggers to this idea for me. A while back I had been reading a book that spoke quite broadly about feng shui. It’s not something I am particularly interested in however I recognised the set up and areas in my house to be quite accurately intuitively done according to basic feng shui principles such as my ‘work space’ being right by the front centre of the house and that when a certain area of my house gets dis-organised so too does my mind. There was one space however, the love space, which falls in the corner of the house where the dining table is and has been somewhat neglected. Aside from the fact that we eat as a family and share our love there I felt it would be nice to have something relating to the wide subject of love there.


Unfortunately no ideas were forthcoming until last week I found these MDF ‘LOVE’ letters in The Works while I was just aimlessly browsing and then I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I set about making the board out of an old cardboard box and masking tape first, cutting out three hearts as well, one for each of us to paint and write our special things on as there will be things we all love and things more personal to each of us.


Around the edge of each heart and the board I glued down some twine which will give a nice raised edge and some texture and dimension once it has all been covered in glue and old packing paper. Filling it will be the fun bit and something that I hope we will enjoy doing as a family. I intend to hang the hearts from the bottom of the board as dangly fun elements, which, thinking about it now, I could probably use both sides of…we’ll see.

I think it will be nice to have a collective piece of art that we have all contributed to and that means something to each of us to fill that empty wall space by the dining table. It’s also a pretty big nod to my word for the month of August, after all if we’re going to be doing a project like this I may as well focus on it’s basis for the month’s contemplation. There will be more on that, however, when I get to making my tag for August.

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Yes, I admit it, I have an addiction. It’s not to alcohol, or drugs (whatever you may think of my crazy moments), or clothing, or shoes…it’s for journals. Think diaries, notebooks and sketchbooks, really if it’s pretty or has lovely paper, then I like it. In fact, I would go so far to say that I am addicted to getting the things despite my irrational sense that putting anything in them will ruin them!

I suppose, it would also be accurate to extend this addiction to include stationary, since pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, sticky notes and pencil cases have their way of coming into my possession whether I need them or not, but then surely it makes sense? I mean I need this stuff for the journals…right?

Above all else I like binder diaries, my particular love being for Filofax. Years ago I had a cancer research, pink, pocket size which I loved to death, it was my first more expensive planner and after it I returned to cheaper alternatives but never really finding satisfaction with them. A few months ago I took the plunge and got myself a pocket size Pennybridge which I use as a diary and wallet but alas, as I have been working, planning and doing more for the immanent arrival of my self employed status I needed something…bigger.

I knew what I wanted, what I needed; the sweet, sweet love of a particular purple planner.




The purple Malden!

I absolutely love this filofax, it’s purple leather and has a tonne of space for all the random stuff I shove in them, best of all, in personal size, it has plenty of room for organising my business and personal life but still small enough to carry around with me all the time.


Of course there were a few…extra bits I just had to get for it, some pretty erase-able fanthom pens by uni-ball and a lovely ‘hers’ pink bic, stickers (both functional and just cute) and a load of post-its from my home stash.


The additional new pencil case (£1 from Wilkinsons) is for all the bits that don’t go directly into the Malden such as my highlighters, rubber/eraser combo and miscellaneous extra pens, because let’s face it, when you’re addicted like me you just can’t have enough.

So yes, I may be addicted (and I may, even now, be on the prowl for extra inserts and bits for it) but at least now I will be organised with it!

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A semi recent conversation with a friend about charcoal had me sketching for an hour or so a little while ago, these are the results, it was good to get back into some charcoal sketching. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them yet for anything but it reminded me how much I enjoy it. Now I have a hankering to get hold of some large sheets of paper and get big with the drawings again.





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iPad Tinkerings.

Curious and generally wanting to try a new medium out I decided to download a drawing app for my iPad and give some digital art a go. I must confess that I have found it fairly tricky to adjust to and while I much prefer having materials  in my hand and getting into a mess with them there is a certain amount to be said for the convenience of tablet sketching as well as the effects you can achieve. If nothing else it has proven to be a very helpful tool for me to be able to sketch and draw when I’m staying away from home without having to take a whole host of art materials with me.

So far I have been experimenting with drawing some characters from my RPs on Elliquiy and my World of Warcraft characters purely because that was where my muse was prodding me to work. These are the rough first goes, some I have developed a little more since the picture and some I haven’t but over all I’ve really enjoyed playing around with the program and trying things out. I have been using the Sketchbook Pro app which comes in a free version to try out as well as a full paid version. I would highly recommend giving it a go if you have an iPad!

Sketch 2011-08-30 13_26_59

Firstly we have Rhylia, one of my Night Elves from WoW. I have since developed her quite a bit, cropping the picture down and adding colour though I will not post a progress of her until she is finished, which will be very soon. I just need to rework the outlines to finish her now.

Sketch 2011-10-27 09_25_17

Here we have Avealle, one of my Draenei from WoW who I’m fairly pleased with so far, she still needs a lot of work but I feel I’m getting the hang of blending the skin tones in this one and I’m very pleased with her horns.

Sketch 2011-09-03 17_46_36

This one is a character called Fire from a pirate RP I have been writing for a good year, year and a half now. Again she’s very rough in this one but one day I hope to tweek her form, add more curves and work her colouring properly. For now she rests in stasis with my other WiPs!

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This latest bit of work is a personal project I’m working on, a visual journal.

I have always enjoyed writing, journalling and over more recent years blogging, but sometimes words aren’t enough or aren’t quite right, I also often find it very painful to read over some of what I’ve put down in words but can appreciate the feelings better if they come from an image rather than what I have written. Reading what I have written zaps me back into that moment, regarding what I’ve created allows me to keep some distance, and so I sporadically have created visual journals over the years. The others I started have been lost along the way but this one is new and already proving to be very therapeuti. A mixture of media and texts, different ideas and techniques in some ways it’s a little like scrapbooking, in some ways more of a loose, fine art project…

I usually pick books that are old and on the small side, hardbacks that have some character and have taken a beating over the years and luckily there are several small charity shops around here that sell them real cheap, this little red one which is what I have been using cost me 50p. I also thought it was quite fitting that it was a dictionary since I make them because I can’t find the right words for how I’m feeling… The one below is an old, massive gardening manual type thing that also cost me 50p and will bear the brunt of another project for me, though more  about that another time.

A big part of what I enjoy about making them also comes from photographing them and seeing them change over time as the pages get added to, seeing them develop constantly along with me. As you can see I’ve only worked a tiny bit of it so far, more pictures will follow as I find new things to add.

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