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The most important things I have inherited from my family and upbringing are not material, they are the foundation of how I interact with the world, the foundation that I build on and use as a secure base for my own evolution.


They are the things that are at the core of myself and the reasons I chose this life for this stage of my journey.

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It’s super important for us to recharge ourselves in order to function and move forward in life. This page is about exploring some of the things that do this for me, that help me to recharge the light inside of me so that it can shine out into the world and allow me to be the real me.



There are a lot of things that do this for me, far more than I could fit on the page, so I tried to just include the most important for me right now such as going for a coffee to my favourite coffee shop, being out in nature and allowing myself to love and really feel the love that others show me.

What recharges your light and brings you peace and joy on the inside?

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This page is on the Journal Fodder prompt of accomplices, or as I like to call them creative champions. We all have them and can be them for other people, they are those in your life that give you the much needed push we all sometimes need. I didn’t realise how many I had in my life until I began on this prompt and really thought about it.

There are the obvious ones in my life, my family and friends who like my posts and work, who share a kind word of motivation when I’m struggling, but there are also many people who I have never even met.

The web opens me up to a whole world of people who encourage, praise and offer constructive criticism as well as inspiration. I can access art and writing by a whole range of people I would not have been exposed to and draw strength and creative power from them.



I find it amazing how immersing myself in the work and words of others can trigger something, even when I feel competition or threatened it doesn’t put me back or dishearten me, it spurs me on to create and better myself and my practice.

So to all my creative champions, known and unknown, thank you for what you give to me, whether you realise it or not.

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This whole journal fodder chapter has been looking at light and dark in your life, from what we hide in the shadows of our life compared to the light and why to who has been inadvertently overshadowed around us by our own light and achievements. I’m not going to go through each of these separately, mainly because as pages go they’re not all that visually stimulating and deal with some very personal issues for me.


I suspect that’s why I’ve been feeling off kilter these last few days, it’s been forcing me to look at what I hide and the imbalance that there is with that in my life. Am I happy? Yes and no, there is still a lot of stuff I need make peace within the process of…


…owning my shadow.

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Before you ask, no I’m not going to show you what’s in mine, rather I’m hoping to inspire you to look at what’s in yours. Hidden in this page are images of the things I have hidden away, like dirty little secrets but that shouldn’t be as they are all a part of me. I found myself really surprised to discover some of the things I had stuffed back there and that I was dragging around with me rather than living with them proudly as a part of me; my history, my emotions and the vital components that make me who I am.

Take some time to really look at what you keep in yours, I think you’ll find it surprising what you have hidden in your shadow. Before we can work on those things and accept them we have to recognise exactly what they are.

~A Journal Fodder 365 prompt.

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Look inside… find your heart.

For me that is the core of meditation, grasping peace to gain ultimate, pure access to yourself. They are not words I would have necessarily used until I worked on this prompt however…let me explain.



I began working with the word meditation on a single page, randomly stencilling the letters over scrap papers and paint. I added a poem to the word, something that spoke to me about what meditation is, something that came to me while I was enjoying a coffee in my own kind of meditative state. The page sat that way for a good week and I wasn’t sure what else needed to go there until I was searching for inspiration.



It spread out over the next page, the shape of the heart called to me and I realised how appropriate that was for me. My peace through meditation comes from knowing myself, from connecting with my heart, my truth and what makes me who I am in a way that is confident and without question. Doing this brings me peace, knowing my heart frees me from my insecurities and worries as I know, without a doubt, I can handle anything that comes my way.

Look inside… find your heart. It is beautiful and unique and will bring you peace and happiness.

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