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Lately in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook I’ve felt the need to change things up as far as doodling is concerned. I’ve been working on my smaller art pieces in general, turning my focus to small paintings, watercolour and ink work as has been progressing in my travel sketchbooks and card design paintings. I’ve found my doodles just taking up sections of a page rather than a whole page as they had before.

The snowflake doodle made me realise this and I decided to go with it and begin working on small doodle reference squares instead; the first few are practices of squares I saw online and liked as a warm up i then dedicated a double spread to squares to fill myself.

The really nice thing about these? They’re quick and easy to do but still just as enjoyable and relaxing as the larger drawings I had been doing.


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A little more experimental stuff in my pocket Moleskine journal which is fast becoming a playground for abstract watercolour and ink pages. I absolutely adore working in it; the size and paper quality is just perfect for me which goes a long way to getting me picking it up again and again to keep playing in it.

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This set of ink over watercolour doodles were a relaxation exercise one evening but something interesting happened with the blue one. I generally don’t like how the blue page turned out but there is one part of it that I think is very beautiful and intend to implement in the future:


This motif that appeared works. It really speaks to me and makes me think of the moon and my power and interest in my spiritual practice. It just goes to show that even in the play you don’t like there is still plenty to be learned and often an odd diamond to find in the rough.

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I have a strange kind of love/hate affair with branded sketchbooks. I really enjoy creating my own journals and sketchbooks but I usually have one branded sketchbook on the go at once and it is, more often than not, a Moleskine because I love the paper and feel of the books. Of late my mini (pocket sized) Moleskine sketchbook has been a watercolour playground where I can really let loose with colour and ink to see what comes of it as well as keeping me creating outside of my ‘studio time’. This book has really helped to reignite my passion for watercolours and different techniques and effects that can be created with them to translate in the future into new full paintings.

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I am so close to finishing this personal journal that I started way back in 2013. It has been a mixture of journaling through my moods, both good and bad, to a place to experiment away from the pressure of ‘getting it right’. I try not to judge anything that surfaces in this particular journal, whether it be thoughts or images, many of which are ugly to my view but very important to my practice.

Lately, while I have still been journaling more traditionally in it, I have noticed abstracts really coming through again and helping to steer me back towards my passion and interest as an artist. It may not look like much but these pages are super important to the development of both my practice as an artist and my personal development and growth.

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Everyone has at least one passion in life, those things that excite and motivate you and that bring you joy and happiness to do. I find that most if not all of the time that I find myself blocked creatively it’s because I have lost connection with my passion.

I love arts and crafts but there’s a difference between enjoying an activity and finding passion in one. It’s my view that it’s the ones that you have passion for that are the really important things in your life.

Since the move I’ve been blocked and my mind has been a bit of a mess of ideas and thoughts. I’ve been drifting away from my passions favouring to invest my time in activities that I enjoy and think I should be doing and all that’s done is solidify those blocks even further.

So today I used my art journal to work through the question what am I passionate about? With surprising results. Doing so has clarified a few things for me and guided me to redirect my efforts and goals. But how do you find your passions?

I think about all the activities I’m doing, enjoy, interested in and that I put my time into for whatever reason and for each one I take a look at how that activity makes me feel. Do I just enjoy it at certain times? Do I find myself wanting to do it above anything else? When I do the activity or think about the thing do I find myself happy, motivated, full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm or do I feel cold, uninspired or like it’s something I should be doing rather than something I really want to do?

Find your passions and follow them!

They bring you joy and peace, they nourish your soul.

They’re what you’re born to do.

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