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Just a quick note to say that I have been updating my Redbubble Store with a variety of works now available to order in various print forms from wall art to stationery and household items. Not all of my work is available in all forms; if you see a piece you like check out what’s available for that work and think about ordering a unique and interesting print of one of my works.


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heart of swirls

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have an issue with Valentine’s Day, which I think is a shame. Sometimes that can be due to bitterness at singledom, for others it’s a dislike of the commercial nature that as developed surrounding it, for others still there are other reasons. The reason really isn’t important but the mindset is.

For me, whether I am single or not, Valentine’s day is a time to remember love. Of course this is something that, I believe, we should strive for all the time, but what’s wrong with taking a day to really think and cherish the love that we have in our lives?

I’m not just talking about romantic love, though this is usually what people think of when they think of Valentine’s day. I’m talking about all kinds of love; that which you have for your friends, family, partners, children and yourself. They are all different forms of the same feeling and deserve to be cherished and celebrated.

On Valentine’s Day I try to be grateful for all the love I have and have had in my life in all it’s forms. If you have no-one to share it with why not treat yourself and show yourself love; it’s amazing how far just a little can go to help us heal.

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ATC Set for blog

ACEOs/ATCs numbered 1 – 13 are now ready and listed for sale on my eBay account at £7.50 each ❤

There is and only will be one of each of these; no prints will be made from them, so they are completely unique, miniature works of art.

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Another set from my travel journals. I’m really inspired by how these turned out, the bottom left one in particular as I held low hopes for it while I was working on it. Sometimes, however, things just come together at the end…

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Midori Passport Inserts for blog

My love of the Midori Traveller’s Notebook is not secret. I’ve wanted a passport size to go with my regular one for a while now and I was finally able to treat myself to it with birthday money I received last month!

I purchased a brown Midori in passport size with the 2018 diary included so I would have a quick monthly look to refer to when I’m out and about and not carrying my regular size TN. In addition I bought a sketchbook, lightweight paper and regular paper inserts, a zipper pocket and connecting bands all from The Journal Shop.

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A little paint play to get the creative mind working again and use up excess paint so it doesn’t go to waste. I’m not sure where the obsession with circles and ovals has come from lately but it appears it will be here for a while yet…

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Now available to order from the card section of my website are these floral and love themed designs; art prints of my latest original watercolour, ink and gouache paintings. You can order them as they are or have a short custom message printed onto the design for free!

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