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Playing with colour, composition and contours (or lack thereof):


Incomplete watercolour experiment on watercolour paper; first layer, contours in ink to be added tomorrow.


Felt pen blocks on drawing paper in a freeform, haphazard composition without added contours.


Large block shapes on A2 paper painted and blended with a large soft brush to eliminate all contours and obvious shape edges.

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Right now I am all about experimenting with techniques, marks, colours, compositions and media in the studio to see what works and doesn’t for me, what I want to incorporate into my creativity and what I think holds promise and new avenues for development and further experimentation.

Playing with colour, intuitive composition and mark making:


Acrylic on watercolour paper


Acrylic on canvas, primary colour play


Acrylic on watercolour paper in neutrals

What I love about developing abstracts and intuitive painting is that there is no plan or focus, the paint just is and I am able to let go and follow where it leads.

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This was a doodle from the end of last year for an e-card in black ink and watercolour pencil.

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Here’s hoping that 2017 is full of love, light, laughter and happiness for you all.


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