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Light and Dark

You may be thinking that this double set of prompts is a bit too similar to the last few ( black/white and silhouette), you would be right but bear with me. The challenge with these two prompts for weeks 28 and 29 is to experiment with them without using black, white and silhouettes whether it be in single explorations of light and dark separately or in a single image together.


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Me too! Follow me there to see sneaky peeks of my work, life and inspiration. From the magical to the mundane with plenty of creativity for good measure.

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Eh, it is probably more apt to ask what’s right, but I am bumbling along at some sort of pace. You may be wondering where all my art challenge responses are and why I am only posting the prompts at the moment. It’s due to me taking a small creativity break rather than stressing myself out at this time when my brain is being weird and I feel like mush most of the time and exhausted the rest. I will be doing the prompts but not just yet. I also still wanted to post the prompts as I know that a few people have been enjoying doing them.

It has been time to take my own advice and be kind to myself. Perhaps I will even get to posting something here that is not related to the challenge. I would like to do that as I feel I have lost my way a little with the sort of things I used to blog about and when I used to write them. Everything has felt like such a struggle lately but as always eventually happens I seem to be poking my head out of my pillow fort to see what is going on.

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I feel it is a natural progression from last week’s prompt of black and white. They can be simple or complex but are always striking thanks to the more defined play they create between negative and positive space. This week’s challenge is to incorporate a silhouette into your image, whether it be the sole focus or something more subtle.

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