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the art challenge week 21 landscape

I was working with silhouettes again. It started as trees on the horizon line during sunset but the trees went wrong and I decided a tower would be better. It then morphed into something that made me think of war with a graveyard/burial site. Not the best picture but that’s my own fault for leaving the photography so late and having to use artificial light.


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21. Landscape

From landmark to the broader topic of landscape, whether it be the orientation or subject matter.
There is such a huge variation of beautiful and inspiring places all around us. Pick one that inspires you and use it to create an image.

22. Portrait

Time to turn that page around and look at portrait, whether in orientation, subject matter or both.
Whether it be someone you know, a self portrait or an image of a fictional character, create a portrait of the subject of your choice in the style of your choice

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the art challenge week 20This page is based very loosely on a photograph I took on Glastonbury Tor several years ago. It’s a photograph that I love for many reasons, not just because of the memories it reminds me of but of the things that interest me spiritually and artistically. Negative space is a big part of that. I like to simplify and play with strong shapes.

It’s a simple wash of watercolour with a thick layer of acrylic paint to show the structure of the doorway. The Tor itself isn’t really that big of a structure but it is prominent up on the hill overlooking the town making. You can really be nowhere other than Glastonbury when you see it.

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Natural or man-made landmarks tell us where we are and often have a significance behind them; a story, legend or reason for being.

This week’s challenge is to pick a landmark that means something to you and create an image of or inspired by your choice.

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A quick ink, watercolour and gouache play around sketch for the at challenge this week. One of the twisty trees from down the end of the garden.

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We’re taking a step back from the leaf this week to look at the bigger picture and focus on the tree. There’s not much else for me to say about this prompt, work with any type, any size, with or without leaves, let the tree inspire you.

This week’s prompt is to create an image of/inspired by trees.

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This is actually a section of the full page I did after deciding I wanted to try leaf printing with my acrylic inks. It was… interesting, this was the best print to come out of it. The page had a backing of greens yellows and blues like last week’s butterfly prompt as I covered both pages at once. I chose Magenta ink as a contrast on the leaf and printed it over the whole page. I love the effect that this particular print has had, the mix of colours and how the inks have reacted with the page.

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